Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Rid Yourself Of The Procrastination Mentality By Author Stephen Richards

Procrastination is simply the unwillingness to act on important tasks and instead put off it for the foreseeable future, which in reality never comes around. Procrastination is something that quite a lot of people suffer from. While at a glance we do not tend to take it seriously, it can, however, at times prove quite disastrous. Putting of crucial and vital tasks for later can be quite damaging, both for you and for others. Although it seems like it is quite an easy problem to take care of, in reality it hardly is. However, with dedication and determination you can definitely break free from this extremely bad habit.

There are a few things that you might want to try to rid yourself of the procrastination mentality.

There are times when you just cannot focus on your current work. Do not worry, this is quite normal and happens to the best of us. Do not try to fight yourself and force your body and mind to work on something that you just can’t do at that moment. If you try to do so, you will not only be unproductive but also you might end up actually ruining the work you were doing. Instead, if there are other things that need your attention try to work on those (you will be surprised how much you get done in order to avoid the task at hand). If even that is not possible for you at that very moment then go take a walk or do some leisurely activity for a few minutes. However, be very careful that your few minutes rest does not turn into an hour-long sojourn. When you are refreshed, get back to work and you will see that you can give more to your work than previously.

Some people can be unaware of the procrastination that they suffer from. Make sure that you pay attention to the time you spend doing nothing. However, I do not say that you should spend your every waking moment working. After all, there is truth in the proverb – “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. You should, however, cap your idle time to a limit.

Just try to see what exactly you can do in life without procrastination. If you can discipline yourself not to do be lethargic and stop putting off work for another day, then you will find your life being changed drastically. You will begin to feel good about everything and you will visibly see the difference once you shed procrastination.


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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How Morton’s Toe Could Get You A Foot On The Ladder Of Success By Stephen Richards

Alright, your feet are in agony, they seem, at times, as if though they are on fire and at the same time being crushed by rocks. You can’t wait to take your shoes off in order to allow the pain to escape. But hang on, there might just be something good to come out of all of that pain you have been suffering!

I have conducted some in-depth research; some might call it wasted time. However, I call it amazing! If what I have discovered is correct then it is going to help a lot of people come to terms with their situation and make the pain worthwhile. Not that any pain is worth enduring for any amount of money, but wait until you see where I am coming from with this discovery before slamming it. Because what I have discovered here is just amazing! I am going to show you how success and painful feet are linked!

What am I getting at here? Well, first take your shoe and sock off from one of your feet, look at that bare foot; now zone in on the second toe of that foot (the one next to your big toe). Now take a close look at it. Is it freakishly longer than your big toe? If it is longer, read on. If it is not longer then there is no need to read the rest of this, as you may just put it down to probably, etc so no drama.

Right, for the rest of you with that large second toe, you have something that is called “Morton’s Foot Syndrome”, also known as Greek Foot, Royal Toe or Morton’s Toe (thought to occur in about 15-20% of the world’s population). But feel blessed, because ancient Greeks considered Morton’s toe to be a sign of beauty. Even the statue of liberty has Morton’s toe … really! But please read on, as I haven’t quite finished explaining about the joy of having such a malady! 

You most likely experience excruciating foot pain, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. The reason for all of this pain is due to how the second toe protrudes when you walk, all of the pressure is taken by that second toe when, in fact, it is meant to be taken by the big toe when you push off.

Your problem is how the second metatarsal bone that attaches to the second toe is longer than the metatarsal bone that connects to the big toe.  Thus all of the pressure goes straight into the ball of your foot, particularly when you push off each foot when walking, as this is how we walk. Because the big toe no longer does what it is designed for then you will suffer huge problems.

Some say that when the toe next to the big toe is longer than the big toe it's a sign of high intelligence, but I am sure you knew that anyway!! But I still haven’t reached the magnificent news you want to hear!

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly do not have a foot fetish. But over the years I wanted to find out why some people had so much pain in their feet, while others experienced zero foot pain. That’s when I discovered Morton’s toe. So during some of my Cosmic Ordering course I would ask to see the bare foot of some of my delegates, and no … it was not some bizarre initiation ceremony! I just wanted to see if they had a longer second toe than their big first toe. And guess what, every single one I asked to look had Morton’s toe!

I mean, these delegates were on my course in order to secure success, they were success-minded people. I was starting to discover that successful people are more than likely to have Morton’s toe. I am not saying that they had success simply as a reward for the pain they were going through, I am just extrapolating on my findings.

Also, Morton's toe is said to reveal you have immense forethought but can be overconfident and enjoys to be seen to be in charge (some say the person would be the boss of the family). However your endowment of having Morton’s toe lies with being able to inspire confidence in others. Another prevalent notion is that people of Celtic origins have a longer second toe. Others declare that you are descended from Royalty if your second toe is longer.

From my own research I have discovered there are quite a few celebrities with Morton’s toe and as far as I can determine from photographic and documented evidence they may well include: Katie Holms, Keira Knightley, Shilpa Shetty, Jennifer Garner, Naomi Campbell, Princess Kate Middleton, Keri Hilson, Iman, Serena Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Renee Zellweger, Christina Hendricks, Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Lara Spencer, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Jessica Alba, Maria Menounos, Ashley Lilley, Shannon Elizabeth, Carmen Electra, Charlize Theron, Jessica Simpson, Nicolette Sheridan, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Bunton, Eva Mendes, Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Olsen, Sharon Stone, Rashida Jones, Carrie Underwood, Paula Abdul, Selena Gomez, Jamie Chung, Laura Croft, Gisele Bundchen, Allison Munn, Drew Barrymore, Keri Hilson, Serena Williams, President Kennedy, Michael Phelps, Gov Sarah Palin.

So after reading that, I am sure Morton’s toe is a condition you can live with, although it could cause, aches and pains all over the body including back, hip, knee, leg foot and ankles problems. Also, it could be the real cause of not only the problems listed above but also of fibromyalgia and sleep disturbances. The prevalence of Morton's toe is thought to be responsible for well over 80% of people suffering from musculoskeletal pain.


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