Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Diamonds In The Rough Misery Book Is Newsworthy

Misery Loves Company
Life is full of misery and loneliness, and people love reading about it! On the surface they deny ever wanting to read such stuff, but just look at how well newspapers that are full of misery sell!

It was of no surprise when a newspaper deemed the misery book "Diamonds in the Rough" by Stephen Richards about the misery of others to be very newsworthy! The misery of others suffering makes for great escapism from drab and boring lives, and isn't it great to see your life is not as miserable as the people you are reading about!

Misery loves company, which is why there are so many of these stories in my book "Diamonds in the Rough. Your life will instantly start shining bright once you see how much better your life is than the ones you will read about in this book.

Miserable people try to destroy the lives of others, they do so out of jealousy of your happiness. They are just so unhappy with their miserable lives! Once youy read this book you will find happiness in misery, so be sure to take heed of what is within this.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Diamonds In The Rough Misery Book Reaches Top Spot

Reaches top spots on Amazon

Diamonds in the Rough: Amazing Stories of Overcoming Adversity has reached some amazing top-ranked positions on Amazon, as well as attracting some great insightful reviews that reflect the misery of this book.

It is attracting some great controversial reviews that reflects the content of the book and how it really hammers home what misery is all about. The sufferance you will read about may even make you close the book before you get halfway through it.

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