Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Overcome Procrastination By Stephen Richards

Procrastination is simply the unwillingness to act on important tasks and instead put it for the foreseeable future, which in reality never comes around. Procrastination is something that quite a lot of people suffer from. While at a glance we do not tend to take it seriously, it can however at times prove quite disastrous. Putting of crucial and vital tasks for later can be quite damaging, both for you and for others. Although it seems like it is quite an easy problem to take care of, in reality it hardly is. However, with dedication and determination you can definitely break free from this extremely bad habit.

There are a few things that you might want to try to rid yourself of the mentality of procrastination.

There are times when you just cannot focus on your current work. Do not worry, this is quite normal and happens to the best of us. Do not try to fight yourself and force your body and mind to work on something that you just can’t do at that moment. If you try to do so, you will not only be unproductive but also you might end up actually ruining the work you were doing. Instead if there are other things that need your attention try to work on those. If even that is not possible for you at that very moment then go take a walk or do some leisurely activity for a few minutes. However, be very careful that your few minutes rest does not turn into an hour long sojourn. When you are refreshed get back to work and you will see that you can give more to your work than previously.

Some people can be unaware of the procrastination that they suffer from. Make sure that you pay attention to the time you spend doing nothing. While I do not say that you should spend your every waking moment working. After all there is truth in the proverb – “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. You should however cap your idle time to a limit.

Just try to see what exactly you can do in life without procrastination. If you can discipline yourself not to do be lethargic and stop putting of work for another day, then you will find your life being changed drastically. You will begin to feel good about everything and you will visibly see the difference once you shed procrastination.

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Friday, 16 July 2010

Transmute That Energy Into Making You A Success

 By Stephen Richards

Cosmic Ordering expert and self-help guru Stephen Richards says of Cosmic Ordering sex energy, “You can increase your success and power to manifest your desires through the transmutation of sexual energy. By improving the entire sexual system it helps increase the positive vibrations created through sexual energy. Harnessing the unique sex energy that can only arise through sexual expression can awaken multidimensional awareness and provide you with your desired goal.”

When going after our dreams and goals … and if we use the same gusto as the desire we have for sex to go after them … well, it’s got to happen! Just imagine if it was the amount of sex we actually had that equated to the success we have! A healthy sex life might just mean a healthy business.

Happy marriage includes a healthy and active sex life. Unless there is a disability for one or both partners, sex should not only be enjoyed as a means of reproduction, or an act of intimacy, but as a means to fantasize and be creative in manifesting one’s desires.

Entrepreneurs have to be more creative when it comes to finding time to have sex. They may have more sex or at least more interesting sex than non-entrepreneurs simply because they are more daring and adventurous than non-entrepreneurs. So when you want to connect with your inner-self then the best way to do this is through sex energy.

Certainly, sexual activity does equate to success. It is the strong sexual impulse that is the key to success. Isaac Newton and Immanuel Kant who were possibly two of the greatest thinkers of all time were both well known for being virgins. The idea is to apply that sexual impulse, or feeling of great desire, towards one’s goals and dreams. Thus the esteemed Isaac Newton had simply transferred the sexual libido to another realm, namely science ... regardless of being a virgin.

Queen bees have sex with an average of 7 to 20 male bees, which produces better worker bees and a greater supply of honey. Queen bees are successful multi-level entrepreneurs. More sex does indeed create more success. However, in the case of the human entrepreneur it is also the quality of sex that can lead to greater success.

Exploit sex energy by focusing on your desires during sexual activity. When the point of orgasm is reached then just let those thoughts go out to the universe. That is sex energy at work!

The opposite sex is more likely to be attracted to you because you have something called MPR (Money, Power, Respect). However, the gruelling path to success could lead to a dull sex life for any entrepreneur because growing a business takes time, energy, and sacrifice.

Do set some time aside for bump and grind activities to create sex energy, as all work and no play can lead to premature ill-health. In fact it is highly recommended to work at creating sex energy, if it’s good enough for the stars of the big screen to do then it’s good enough for you.

During sex see yourself being a success at whatever it is you desire, actually allow your mind to drift to what it would be like to be successful. Express yourself verbally and then hold back until you fully see that success has been gained, then that is the time you can reach orgasm and place your Cosmic Order.

Most of you, if not all, reading this has a desire to have sex. With there being ignorance around the fact that sex is only a physical act, there have been many biased opinions thrown upon us from prudes. When sex energy is harnessed and transmuted, this driving force is capable of lifting men and women into that higher sphere of thought.

Copyright Stephen Richards

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Manifest Your Deepest Desires When You Become Confident With Cosmic Ordering

By Stephen Richards

Don't you just hate it when some smarmy, self-assured person crosses your life's path! Well, usually that would be the case, such is life. Often these self-assured people are given a name, a name they may never get to hear. Perhaps something like 'Clever Dick' or 'Clever Clogs', etc. Although in the Cosmic Ordering community we rather prefer to become such a person!

So what makes a few of us self-confident while the rest of us mortals are left with insecurities to deal with? These gifted people go about their work as if they have the world under their control, even if they literally do not have much to speak of. Using Cosmic Ordering when you have the "eye of the tiger" is the way forward to manifesting your desires.

In my growing up years I used to hear some talk about a new person who had come to live in our neighbourhood. All the folks used to call her "Lady Docker" after a famous Lady of fashion who lived in the 1950s. Known by the press as "naughty Norah"- Lady Docker was a sort of Fergie of the Fifties. Wow, I mean this Lady Docker must have been some role model, and did she use Cosmic Ordering to get where she did?

People were so taken up with this Lady Docker personality that she popped up in the conversation whenever the talk involved some overly confident person. There are the "haves" and the "have nots" in this world, the people who talk of those who succeed will never quite understand the principles of using Cosmic Ordering to make a go of their life.

Now those times have changed (haven't they?), but we can still use Lady Docker as an example of how we can bolster up our own self-esteem, even if you are a male. I don't mean swagger around as if though you were Lady Docker at Royal Ascot. What I mean is, walk about as if the world was yours for the taking. That's something you get used to with Cosmic Ordering.

Did you know the story of Norah Collins who was a dancer at the Caf de Paris? She rose to fame and became Lady Docker after her marriage with Sir Bernard, the then Chairman of the Daimler Company. When you dare to dream high like Lady Docker you are sure to realise your dreams to the ultimate level, especially if combined with Cosmic Ordering.

When You Are Negative Then Use Cosmic Ordering To Raise This An Octave

By Stephen Richards

Don't you, at times, just know what that dreaded phone call is going to be all about ... or if someone says, "Can I have a word you?" then don't you just know what it is going to be for. You've entered into a state of negativity that pulls you down, whereas in direct contrast to this when you use Cosmic Ordering then you find your life being filled with positive thoughts.

When you expect bad things to happen to you then panic sets in, doom and gloom becomes part of your everyday existence. You come to expect tragedy just as regular as clockwork. Whereas with Cosmic Ordering you always have an air of expectancy that good things will happen to you.

Even before you venture out for the day you may well think of all the wrong that can happen to you, a traffic jam, a flat tyre on your car, speeding tickets and many other such mishaps. Well now you can put all of that on the back burner of life, as with Cosmic Ordering you start your day with a positive outlook and that is when good things happen to you ... not the bad!

In fact, when those negative things happen to you then it may well be that you have aided and abetted all what is happening to you by virtue of attracting those negative actions. You have become one with negativity, and this has allowed panic to become an everyday occurrence. Cosmic Ordering elevates you out of this situation and you find that you become so positive that you only attract the good things to you.

It is a case of like being attracted to like. Negative thoughts attract all that is negative around them while positive thoughts attract positive patterns to them. This is why some call the theory side of Cosmic Ordering "the law of attraction".

You should never panic! Flush off all thoughts that dwell on the negativity. In your mind, clear away all things that dwell on negative feelings. Make sure they do not find their way back into your thoughts.

Until every one of those negative thoughts has been rounded up and arrested, you will have to apply some mental effort to empower the thought police. By morning you should start to see the world through less panic-stricken eyes. Then you can use Cosmic Ordering to make those positive changes to your life.