Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

When You Are Negative Then Use Cosmic Ordering To Raise This An Octave

By Stephen Richards

Don't you, at times, just know what that dreaded phone call is going to be all about ... or if someone says, "Can I have a word you?" then don't you just know what it is going to be for. You've entered into a state of negativity that pulls you down, whereas in direct contrast to this when you use Cosmic Ordering then you find your life being filled with positive thoughts.

When you expect bad things to happen to you then panic sets in, doom and gloom becomes part of your everyday existence. You come to expect tragedy just as regular as clockwork. Whereas with Cosmic Ordering you always have an air of expectancy that good things will happen to you.

Even before you venture out for the day you may well think of all the wrong that can happen to you, a traffic jam, a flat tyre on your car, speeding tickets and many other such mishaps. Well now you can put all of that on the back burner of life, as with Cosmic Ordering you start your day with a positive outlook and that is when good things happen to you ... not the bad!

In fact, when those negative things happen to you then it may well be that you have aided and abetted all what is happening to you by virtue of attracting those negative actions. You have become one with negativity, and this has allowed panic to become an everyday occurrence. Cosmic Ordering elevates you out of this situation and you find that you become so positive that you only attract the good things to you.

It is a case of like being attracted to like. Negative thoughts attract all that is negative around them while positive thoughts attract positive patterns to them. This is why some call the theory side of Cosmic Ordering "the law of attraction".

You should never panic! Flush off all thoughts that dwell on the negativity. In your mind, clear away all things that dwell on negative feelings. Make sure they do not find their way back into your thoughts.

Until every one of those negative thoughts has been rounded up and arrested, you will have to apply some mental effort to empower the thought police. By morning you should start to see the world through less panic-stricken eyes. Then you can use Cosmic Ordering to make those positive changes to your life.

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