Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Avoiding The Alzheimer Time Bomb By Stephen Richards

Alzheimer’s disease largely strikes older adults. Damaged neurons contribute to Alzheimer’s. By no means is a damaged neuron singly responsible for the onset of Alzheimer’s, there are other contributing factors such as:
  • Atrophication of the brain where it leads to shrinkage.
  • Free radicals.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction (a breakdown of energy production within a cell).
Symptoms of Alzheimer become more evident in a person’s mid-60s.

However, the answer to avoiding the Alzheimer time bomb does not come from New World drugs or surgery – both are currently worthless to stem the flow of this new ticking time bomb!

The APOE ε4 gene increases a person’s risk of developing the disease and is also associated with an earlier age of disease onset, but people with no APOE ε4 may also develop the disease.

Early onset, known as early-onset familial Alzheimer’s disease or FAD, (30-60) is caused by an inherited change in one of three genes.

However, research suggests that a host of factors beyond genetics may play a role in the development and of Alzheimer’s disease.

Putting aside the obvious contributors like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, it is not just about being healthy, eating right and keeping fit. It is about avoiding brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, as what is the use in having a fit body without a fully functioning brain?

Currently, Alzheimer’s disease has no known cure! However there are ways to delay, slow down, or even prevent this devastating disease or even reverse the process of deterioration.

I have to point out that I am not a medical professional; I am though a mind power professional, so please accept my findings from the point of view of a mind power pro!

The seeds of Alzheimer’s are planted long before the onset of any symptoms, so you could be a walking carrier of the disease!

My own discoveries are years old, all based on heavy research that I conduct before committing myself to any course of action.

I have devised a way to keep your neurons firing. Although here in this blog is a vastly watered down version, it should go some way in preventing the onset or slowing down of Alzheimer’s.
  1. The very, very first thing to do is look back over your life at any trauma you have gone through – physical or mental.
  2. The second thing to do is to ensure you have reached a conclusion in trauma recovery, that you have sufficiently overcome it. As not overcoming trauma will slow down any firing up within the synapses of the brain.
  3. No matter how deep the trauma, seek resolution! Without that happening you will simply be stressing out the neurons within your brain.
  4. Start doing things in a different order that you do things. That means stop following routine – you are not a robot! Use your non-dominant hand to do things with.
  5. In order to keep the neurons in tip top condition, do something new every single day – even just something simple.
  6. Make new brain pathways by continuously stressing your brain and by forcing it to continue thinking you will stave off or slow down Alzheimer’s.
  7. No matter what your age, consider connecting with your pineal gland through pineal gland activation. Yes at an older age the pineal gland is atrophied, but it is in the side benefits that you will discover the benefits.
  8. Meditation is important and is why I have left it last on this list. The earlier you start mediating in your life then the bigger the benefits, even ten minutes a day!
Obviously you will also be ensuring you change your diet to a one that is conducive to good health and do some physical exercise of some srt, but that is not the mainstay behind my research, although you should be proactive in seeking out healthy eating and exercise … that is basic stuff to know.

The above is only a smattering of my findings, as it would take another 20,000 words to convey it all. But I have given you the gist of it, now you can regain control over your life and say goodbye to the Alzheimer’s time bomb!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Make Your Wishes Become Reality


In reality you have most likely been through an Armageddon in life, and to a lot of people you are a gem of a person, but inside of yourself you find a yearning to become the master of your strenghts and make life a little better for you and those you have in your life. Like just about everyone else, your inspiration to achieve a new life has been courage.

My motto is to take opportunities presented, do your very best, have fun, be kind, be honest to yourself and others, push boundaries, and keep active in body and mind. Learn from mistakes and don't have regrets. Which also means not looking back...

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Mind Power - You've Watched The Video And Still Nothing By Stephen Richards


 How do you manifest?
You've read the self-help book from page to page yet you are still no clearer on how to manifest your desires. The woo-woo you have just read means nothing to you, other than someone relating a lot of wasteful text on unrelated matters, or so it seems!

The knowledge to manifest
Before the art of manifesting became popular there were only a handful of learned people with the knowledge to conjure up their wishes, and all of this was a closely guarded secret and shrouded in mystery.

You've watched the video and still nothing!
Since that time, though, it seems just about everyone has become an expert in manifesting! Even the neighbor next door to you is bragging about how they watched a manifesting video and got all what they wanted in life just because of it, so you get the same video but just see a load of people yapping on about how they changed their life because they manifested their own desires, you do not hear or see anything about how to manifest! Making you wonder if your neighbor was just talking baloney?

What are all these so-called experts on about?
You find yourself resigned to living out your life in one long, continuous spin ... well at least that's what you feel like. So many are in the mind power business just for that reason ... it is a business to them! What are they really on about in all of these self-help books? How many of these books do you have on your Kindle or bookshelf? How may, though, have catapulted you into the stratosphere of success you dream of?

Not blowing my own trumpet here!
If you really want to get ahead then why not create your own self-help audio that will skyrocket you tp success? I mean, you are the one in control then! You will be in charge of your own destiny. If you want to make all self-help books obsolete and once and for all make inroads into that new life you promised yourself then get creating today. See how you can create your own destiny with this simple to follow manifesting tool I have created just for you.


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Ask And The Universe Will Provide You With A Fairy Tale Ending By Stephen Richards


What is holding you back?
Leaving your future to chance is holding you back. Do you just go through the motions in your life, your job and your relationships? Do you just make do and mend? Do you have any regrets?

Look at the top-listed regrets in a recent survey about things we’d do if we had our time again:
  1. Save more money
  2. Be less wasteful with money
  3. Make more effort to stay fit
  4. Be better with money generally
  5. Travel the world
  6. Avoid debt
  7. Worry less about small things
  8. Work harder at school
  9. Be more confident/outgoing
  10. Enjoy more days out
No money to save!
Six out of the top ten answers listed above are related to money! The top answer is about saving money, but what if you just don’t have the money to save? So we can already see that the top answer is really wishful thinking, because without the money to save then it might as well be the answer at the bottom of the list.

Going back does not mean new changes!
A whole new mindset would have to be installed in order to go back in time and make those changes, because you would simply do all of what you have already done to get where you are today!
No money to waste!
The second top answer is about being less wasteful with money, but considering that most of Earth’s population does not have money to waste then obviously this applies to those with a positive equity left out of their income to be wasteful with.

Getting nowhere fast!
Answer number four shows another money link in how you would be better with money if you could go back and live it all over again, but again you have to have the money in the first place. Being better in handling money if you only have enough to live on will get you nowhere fast!
No money - no travel!
Travelling the world, in answer number five, requires money, and since you have regrets about not saving any money, not handling money very well and being wasteful with money … well it’s obvious as to why you regret not travelling more!
 Crippling debt works it's wonders!
Answer number six is obvious, just look at the preceding answers to see why!
Worry less and do more of what makes you happy!
Answers seven and ten hold the key to the solution to addressing the problems of not having enough money. Worrying less and enjoying more leisure time like days out and that sort of thing can raise your vibrancy levels so that you can start to make inroads into manifesting your desires.
 Manifesting your desires!
Primarily life is about manifesting your desires, but in this fast living world there hardly seems any time to do the very thing that would eventually give you more time by virtue of the freedom of having a wealthy live would give you.
 The BIG fairy tale ending never comes!
Leaving your future to chance is holding you back. You dream about the fairy tale ending, yet you leave everything to chance. So many simply trust that destiny will give them the BIG win or shower them in wealth from the sky above.
The dice of life!
But you cannot really trust destiny to role you a winning situation from the dice of life. When you consider how much time people spend over naming their new baby compared with the time they spend on changing their lives you will understand why so many leave things to chance!
What if there was a way to change your life now, would you take it? Just think about all of the regrets you have right now, and they are not going to get any less as time goes on. In fact the regrets will pile even higher!
 Are you brave enough to welcome change?
If you are brave enough then the life of your dreams is waiting for you.

 Ask and the Universe Will Provide
Ask and the Universe Will Provide is my newest book about manifesting yourself a new future. In here you will find all of the answers to your problems of not having enough money to change your life. The answer is simple, change your life today or live to regret it on a daily basis. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Scotland The Brave - Call To Annex North East England

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it? Click this link to sign the petition here.

My petition: For the North East of England to be annexed by Scotland

The problem faced by northern England is the lack of interest from both Conservative and Labour governments. Conservative give nothing to the North because they know they do not get voted in by them.

The English Labour Party give nothing to the North because they know they will always be voted in by them. The English Conservative Party give nothing to the North of England because they will not be voted in. It is a no win situation.

Since the days of the Romans the North has been subserviant to doing the bidding of others without asking any questions.

Being part of Scotland, with which we have a natural affinity, will add the zest that the North needs after being overlooked and used and abused over the years by English governments. Scotland's borders used to reach deep into england, as far as Doncaster. In fact Doncaster still is part of Scotland after it was taken by Scottish forces in the 12th century.