Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Ask And The Universe Will Provide You With A Fairy Tale Ending By Stephen Richards


What is holding you back?
Leaving your future to chance is holding you back. Do you just go through the motions in your life, your job and your relationships? Do you just make do and mend? Do you have any regrets?

Look at the top-listed regrets in a recent survey about things we’d do if we had our time again:
  1. Save more money
  2. Be less wasteful with money
  3. Make more effort to stay fit
  4. Be better with money generally
  5. Travel the world
  6. Avoid debt
  7. Worry less about small things
  8. Work harder at school
  9. Be more confident/outgoing
  10. Enjoy more days out
No money to save!
Six out of the top ten answers listed above are related to money! The top answer is about saving money, but what if you just don’t have the money to save? So we can already see that the top answer is really wishful thinking, because without the money to save then it might as well be the answer at the bottom of the list.

Going back does not mean new changes!
A whole new mindset would have to be installed in order to go back in time and make those changes, because you would simply do all of what you have already done to get where you are today!
No money to waste!
The second top answer is about being less wasteful with money, but considering that most of Earth’s population does not have money to waste then obviously this applies to those with a positive equity left out of their income to be wasteful with.

Getting nowhere fast!
Answer number four shows another money link in how you would be better with money if you could go back and live it all over again, but again you have to have the money in the first place. Being better in handling money if you only have enough to live on will get you nowhere fast!
No money - no travel!
Travelling the world, in answer number five, requires money, and since you have regrets about not saving any money, not handling money very well and being wasteful with money … well it’s obvious as to why you regret not travelling more!
 Crippling debt works it's wonders!
Answer number six is obvious, just look at the preceding answers to see why!
Worry less and do more of what makes you happy!
Answers seven and ten hold the key to the solution to addressing the problems of not having enough money. Worrying less and enjoying more leisure time like days out and that sort of thing can raise your vibrancy levels so that you can start to make inroads into manifesting your desires.
 Manifesting your desires!
Primarily life is about manifesting your desires, but in this fast living world there hardly seems any time to do the very thing that would eventually give you more time by virtue of the freedom of having a wealthy live would give you.
 The BIG fairy tale ending never comes!
Leaving your future to chance is holding you back. You dream about the fairy tale ending, yet you leave everything to chance. So many simply trust that destiny will give them the BIG win or shower them in wealth from the sky above.
The dice of life!
But you cannot really trust destiny to role you a winning situation from the dice of life. When you consider how much time people spend over naming their new baby compared with the time they spend on changing their lives you will understand why so many leave things to chance!
What if there was a way to change your life now, would you take it? Just think about all of the regrets you have right now, and they are not going to get any less as time goes on. In fact the regrets will pile even higher!
 Are you brave enough to welcome change?
If you are brave enough then the life of your dreams is waiting for you.

 Ask and the Universe Will Provide
Ask and the Universe Will Provide is my newest book about manifesting yourself a new future. In here you will find all of the answers to your problems of not having enough money to change your life. The answer is simple, change your life today or live to regret it on a daily basis. 

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