Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Mind Power - You've Watched The Video And Still Nothing By Stephen Richards


 How do you manifest?
You've read the self-help book from page to page yet you are still no clearer on how to manifest your desires. The woo-woo you have just read means nothing to you, other than someone relating a lot of wasteful text on unrelated matters, or so it seems!

The knowledge to manifest
Before the art of manifesting became popular there were only a handful of learned people with the knowledge to conjure up their wishes, and all of this was a closely guarded secret and shrouded in mystery.

You've watched the video and still nothing!
Since that time, though, it seems just about everyone has become an expert in manifesting! Even the neighbor next door to you is bragging about how they watched a manifesting video and got all what they wanted in life just because of it, so you get the same video but just see a load of people yapping on about how they changed their life because they manifested their own desires, you do not hear or see anything about how to manifest! Making you wonder if your neighbor was just talking baloney?

What are all these so-called experts on about?
You find yourself resigned to living out your life in one long, continuous spin ... well at least that's what you feel like. So many are in the mind power business just for that reason ... it is a business to them! What are they really on about in all of these self-help books? How many of these books do you have on your Kindle or bookshelf? How may, though, have catapulted you into the stratosphere of success you dream of?

Not blowing my own trumpet here!
If you really want to get ahead then why not create your own self-help audio that will skyrocket you tp success? I mean, you are the one in control then! You will be in charge of your own destiny. If you want to make all self-help books obsolete and once and for all make inroads into that new life you promised yourself then get creating today. See how you can create your own destiny with this simple to follow manifesting tool I have created just for you.


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