Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Friday, 13 December 2013

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Wealth Angels 99 Cents Self Help Classics!

The Wealth Angels Group always strives to achieve the best self help products for its followers, so it's no surprise that this now also includes 99 cents self help classics in ebook format. 
Wealth Angels Stephen Richards and Sharon King are working on bringing you many self help products for a whole cross-section of subjects and includes products on: law of attraction, mind power, wealth creation, yoga, meditation, boosting self esteem and self worh dietless magic weight loss (a Wealth Angels breakthrough in weightloss that includes cutting edge technology), self hypnosis, self motivation, amazing Weailt Angels lottery winning audio and much more.

Some of the classics include:
Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen - The turmoil of the world we cannot avoid, but the disturbances of mind we can overcome. The duties and difficulties of life claim our attention, but we can rise above all anxiety concerning them.

Adventures In Contentment by David Grayson - "And how absolutely beautiful it is to be doing only what lies within your own capabilities and is part of your own nature. It is like a great burden rolled off a man's back when he comes to want to appear nothing that he is not, to take out of life only what is truly his own.” ― David Grayson

An Iron Will by Orison Swett Marden - An Iron Will is a short encouraging work that is wonderful for those of us dealing with a world that finds itself in dramatic transition.

Mental Chemistry by Charles Haanel - Here are the secrets to Mental Chemistry; in this book you will learn how to improve your life by removing some kinds of thoughts and adding others. It works much like conventional chemistry; if you change the elements in a molecule you change the molecule.

The above are only a few of the many, many 99 cents self help classics available from the Wealth Agnels online shop.

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Good, The Bad And Ugliness Of Life Adds To Our Flag Of Fortitude!

After winning a huge scholarship and going to college, I went to work for a company. Of course, being the youngest there I was given all of the dirty and tiresome jobs. I stuck it out there for a few years, and then while travelling to an onsite job for the company in my newly acquired car (on finance), a car pulled out from the lane inside of me, its back end clipped the front wing of my car and I found myself in a car spinning out of control. Eventually a rather sturdy lamppost stopped the car as the back end ploughed into it. I was off work for a few months with a very badly strained neck.

Although I was officially “on sick leave”, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go part shares in a garage (large enough for all of two cars) that was coming up for rent, this was an automobile repair garage. Well, I must admit, I had no experience at this, but was prepared to do all and anything if it meant being my own boss.

I thought that while I was recovering that it would be good to do something to get me on the mend, so I accepted. After a few months of running the garage, long story short, I had forgotten all about my job I was on sick leave from. I rather enjoyed the garage work and found myself enthralled by this new adventure.

I never went back to my old job, as co-running that garage was a big achievement for me. I now had control over my destiny, I was my own boss. It meant I could value myself, feel good about myself and make as much money as I wanted, or so I thought.

I continued working for myself and being co-proprietor of the garage with my best friend. However, soon my life was to go out of control just like the car wreck that put me into this position when, due to circumstances beyond my control, my friend hung himself and that was the end of the garage business.  


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Friday, 4 October 2013

How Mind Power Author Stephen Richards Was Spurred On To Success By Negative-Minded Talk

Although I left school with the usual qualifications and went into an electrical engineering apprenticeship, I was just a rodent in the mill of life. I wanted more for myself than to see out my working life as a worker ant. After a few more dead end jobs I saw an ad, it invited the applicant to apply for a scholarship to go to college!

Thankfully my ignorance allowed me to apply. After attending the exam some few hundred miles away from home, I just thought to myself that I had better get on with my life in the slow lane. However, I eventually received a letter saying I had won a $10,000 scholarship and was invited to enroll. This might not sound like a lot of money for a scholarship, but it would be something like the equivalent of $20,000/30,000 nowadays.

So when I received the letter about winning the scholarship, well it was just the icing on the cake. However, the college was hundreds of miles from home, and it would mean me staying in the college halls of residence, and just visiting home every few months. I talked it through with my mother.

I felt guilty about accepting the scholarship as it would mean leaving my mother and younger brother. What spurred me on, though, was a friend of my mother’s saying to her that I would never stick it. After my mother told me what she said to her, well I firmly decided to prove the woman wrong and accepted the enrolment offer.

Long story short, I stuck it out and passed all of my exams and I proved the woman wrong. That was an achievement in itself, as many a time I just felt like walking away from it, but what spurred me on was “he’ll never stick it”.


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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sometimes Success Can Come When You Least Expect It!

I was keen to progress in life, and my boss at that time paid for me to take driving lessons, as I asked him about driving the company delivery van. Looking back on it, I guess he saw it as an opportunity to have a company driver, but could get away in paying low wages as I was only 17-years-old.

The day of the driving test came … I failed!! Even though I was primed and ready to pass!

The second time I took my test, I had been out drinking the night before, slept in for my 8am driving lesson before my test at 9am, and on top of that I had a hangover! So I wasn’t really too bothered about being knocked out of bed in that state.

I can’t even recall the driving test, but then the examiner said, “I am pleased to inform you that you have passed your driving test.” “What?” I thought. I was awakened from my hangover and could have kissed the examiner, although the examiner was a male!

That achievement meant a lot to me, as I would be accelerated to the status of “driver”. Did I get a raise in wages? No, but so what ... I had passed my driving test at the age of 17!


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How Wealth Angel Stephen Richards Got The Courage To Speak In Public

My one certificate of achievement which I do treasure is my English Speaking Board Certificate. Although I was pretty poor at written English as a subject, I excelled at English oral. In fact I was probably the best speaker in my whole school.

The school used to send me to do talks at schools where the following year’s intake was from. My role was to talk about the school they were to join after the summer break.

That gave me the courage to talk in front of sizeable audiences. In fact I didn’t ever have any fear of this, but it showed me how to grab attention and what made people listen as a group, It was to stand me in good stead years later, and I am thankful for that early learning curve. 


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An Accidental Achievement In Wealth Angel Stephen Richards Life

I played so many sports for my school and county that it would seem like I was just bragging, but overall I achieved a lot, and an accidental achievement which  taught me something about myself was when I was competing in the area schoolboys’ athletics.

This was like a mini Olympics for the area. I was entered for the shot put event, and while waiting to do this I was asked if I could fill in for someone absent in the javelin throwing event. I came nowhere in the shot put competition, and it was my turn to throw the javelin, which I never really excelled at.

Well, I came third! Nowhere in the shot put, but third in the javelin! That was an achievement that made me realize that it was always worth trying something new, and to not feel complacent about what you do now, as I was favorite to win the shot put competition. I had won various power lifting competitions as a youngster, but all what I learned from that was to advise anyone not to take up this sport, as so many of my joints are now creaking because of it, so I guess I can pass on my wisdom about this.


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As a child I experienced quite a lot of trauma, and looking back on it I can see why I was a bed wetter, also known as nocturnal enuresis, until I was 15-years-old! Some might be ashamed to reveal this about their past, but I feel quite the opposite … by talking about it I am help others. I mean, if someone like me can talk about it then it becomes less of a taboo subject. If you have a child bed wetter then tell them about me, how this guy who is a world famous  author once wet the bed and could see no end to the misery of it.

Some claim that the child has a smaller than normal bladder, or that constipation can trigger bed wetting in a child (but I certainly wasn’t constipated for all of those years). I didn’t have a urine infection, which some say is the cause of bed wetting. One cause of bed wetting in children is the lack of an antidiuretic hormone which the pituitary gland secretes, this is supposed to slow down the production of urine by the kidneys so we don't have to wake up to urinate, but that wasn’t the case with me. Difficulty in waking up is also cited as a cause of bed wetting in children, well that one’s rather obvious ... isn’t it? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work that one out! Part of the brain is supposed to stay awake so it can tell you to wake up when you need to urinate.

Anyway, the doctor prescribed me one of these mattress mats that trigger an alarm which goes off when it detects moisture as a way of overcoming this. This is called “sleep conditioning”. The alarm would everyone up except for me; in the end the acid in my urine eventually rotted the metallic mattress mat.!

As I got older, bed wetting caused no end of frustration within me. I was angry at myself for what was happening. Of course, although many things are cited as being the cause for bed wetting in children, hardly any mention trauma, which was the cause of my condition. Eventually I was strong enough in the mind to overcome the problem; my life had become more settled after the early trauma I had suffered as a young child. I mean, seeing someone put a gun to your mother’s head as a three year old is not conducive to good psychological health. I suppose if it were only that one thing I experienced then I may have got over it, but I saw so much more!

However, when I was eventually in control of my bladder, I was released from my prison. I could stay at school summer camps without fear of being ridiculed. I could drink late at night without fear of the consequences. Perhaps that achievement helped me excel at sports and made me more confident within, although that confidence led me astray a few times.

Of course, if I knew then what I know now … well, certainly I would have had the ability to lift myself out of that trauma. I see a lot of “deep trance” hypnotherapy stuff for use in child bed wetters, but that certainly would not work on a child that has endured trauma. Those sorts of things are deep within the mind, not the sort of thing such deep trance audios should be used on, it requires in-depth, expert help.


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How Wealth Angel Stephen Richards Turned His Life Around At Age 11

Walking is easy. It’s so easy that no one ever has to teach you how to do it. That’s the same with Cosmic Ordering … when you were a child that is! What I have to do is roll you back to when you were an empty vessel. Stay with me and reinvent yourself!

I know you probably won’t but I want you t just sit and think of everything you have achieved and have and write them down. I would also like you to write WHY each one is an achievement to you.
What were your first achievements?

My first achievements were learning the months of the year, telling the time and tying my shoelaces. Although it may not have meant a lot to some, it meant a lot to me at the time as I could feel my brain starting to work, as school to me was alien. School was not introduced to me and neither was I to it, it was something I just went to, no one explained why this torture was being imposed on me. I was left-handed but forced to write with my right hand … caused a lot of trouble in my head, or so I thought looking back on it.

So years later, when I was 11-years-old, and I was taught these things out of school, it made me realize what learning was. I had no idea of why I was alive or even just me, that sort of existence didn’t come into any sort of equation for me. After that I started to learn to read, I had a thirst for it. My brain had been awakened.


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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sharm el-Sheikh - Catastrophic Vibrational Negativity Prediction Results In Further Death (Article By Stephen Richards)

Today I awoke with a sweat. As I tried to reason why, I felt something was wrong, but what? Later that day I opened my web browser on my computer and what caught my eye sent a “what” premonition down my spine! The headline read: British Girl Drowns In Pool At Egyptian Resort. “No!” I thought, “Not Sharm el-Sheikh!” but in my heart I knew that it was.

On Saturday, 23 February (2013) I posted a blog with the title: CATASTROPHIC VIBRATIONAL NEGATIVITY in Sharm el Sheikh by Stephen Richards. 

Now today, Saturday, 18 May (2013), I discovered that a five-year-old British girl on her first ever holiday with her parents has died (17 May) in a water park, Coral Sea Waterworld hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh, which had reportedly been open for less than three weeks.

As I read the news feed my heart cries at the further loss of life I predicted for this resort when I wrote back in February:

“Apologies if this posting sounds negative, but it is meant to save lives and to be a positive post! Call me mad, call me whatever, but something needs urgently attending to.”

The tragic death of Chloe Johnson (pictured at top of page) is being probed by local police and UK tour operator First Choice is also investigating. The British consulate is now working to offer every assistance possible to the family in resort. And you know what? In order for them to fully understand how the incident occurred, they would have to go back in time and change how the attachment of catastrophic vibrational negativity came about in Sharm el-Sheikh!

In such a new complex as this there was every reason for the parents of Chloe to believe that their daughter would be safe, and when in a pool area such as this complex has then it is to be expected that lifeguards are on hand. I do not wish to go fully into the further tragic details, as already I am feeling a sense of further loss at Sharm el-Sheikh.

I would ask that you avoid Sharm el-Sheikh like the plague, and I will be sending details of my previous findings to UK tour operator First Choice, asking them to strike Sharm el-Sheikh from their database of holidays.

Catastrophic vibrational negativy stems from the vibrational output created by whatever catastrophe occurred … not by the thought of it happening! I hope that has made the point very clear.

We can often feel the charge in our body associated with the experience of emotions. When this occurs, an electromagnetic field is generated around our body which attracts to us another person who has an identical electromagnetic field around their body - and the same emotional feeling in their heart. Like attracts like, so to speak. This is the same of catastrophic vibrational negativity, it continually pulls in the same waves and this is when you can find yourself in trouble.

Stanislaw Lem predicted in his book The Principle of Catastrophes that creative destruction would become a leitmotif (any sort of recurring theme) of the 21st century. He describes the world as an agglomeration (a jumbled cluster or mass of varied parts) of coincidental catastrophes - determined by strict laws- and extreme global and intergalactic catastrophes as being a prerequisite for the development of human life.

Usuually when something like this happens like, for instance, a bus crash, plane crash, cruiseliner sinking, mountaineering accident, etc, etc then there is a spate of the same sort of incident. Again, caused by the negative vibrational output that can cause a replica of the original incident, but anywhere else in the world! There is no reason for it, it just happens.

Shortly after Chloe died in Sharm el-Sheik, a British holidaymaker drowned in rough seas while on a family holiday in Italy. police confirmed today. Brian Kent drowned in front of his wife Sally and several other family members when the break turned to tragedy as the group went for a late afternoon swim after lunch.

Watch out for a pattern when something bad happens, you will see the connections.


I have contacted UK tour Operator First Choice and sent them links to this and related article. 

Stephen Richards is a mind power professional working in the field of the law of attraction. Author of over 80 titles and a former clinical hypnotherapist working in the therapeutic sector, Stephen Richards spends much of his time researching the subject that turned his own life around .. Cosmic Ordering.


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Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Stroke Of Luck Creates New Writing Career For WW 2 Survivor Alfred Nestor

“Alfred who?” I said to my PA.

“Alfred Nestor! You know, the gentleman I told you about a while ago, he’s asking about having his life story being accepted for publication,” she replied down the phone.

My PA had been in contact with Alfred Nestor for some months as he had been in touch several times over his life story. To be honest, my business Mirage Publishing receives on average about 100 life story typescripts every year. The sad thing is that almost all of them have the missing “zing” element.

However, my PA was excited about Alfred Nestor’s story as it was not quite the usual hum-drum, usual  account that never gets to make it in to print. Long story short, the life story of Alfred Nestor did have the zing touch and was accepted for publication and given the name “Uncle Hitler”.

The book detailed his life growing up in Germany during World War Two and his final journey to the UK as a child, and eventually, some 60 years later, being reunited with his long lost father, who was thought to have perished in the war as an SS officer.

That might be the end of the story, as usually after the autobiography of a person has been published then that is it! Their writing career comes to a standstill.

To make the background to what follows, it is best to tell the reader that one morning Alfred Nestor woke up and felt rather strange. On trying to get out of bed, he found that he was paralysed on his right side! At first he thought that maybe he had slept awkwardly, and his right side was stiff, but he soon realized that he had suffered a stroke.

Ten years after this first stroke, Alfred suffered a second stroke, but this was different, although he did not consider it as important as he was only ill for a week in hospital, it was to change his whole life!

After thirteen weeks of convalescence, he returned to his job as security manager with a security company. This was, in some respects, a mistake for he was not happy, physically or mentally, as he still had many problems.

Eventually Alfred made a full recovery, but now he discovered a flair for writing that he never before had! Where once he was stuck for words, words flowed in the creative style of writing ... writing novels, his life story, comedy and even historical fiction!

After his first book was taken on by Mirage Publishing in 2011, more work followed from Alfred for consideration of publication. So impressed was I with his work that I immediately signed him up to five new titles!

References to Alfred’s strokes were barely mentioned in the Uncle Hitler book, but after in-depth conversations with me it became apparent that it was only after Alfred had suffered his second stroke that his writing talents became abundant. 

Alfred tells me, “I was asked the other day by another author, 'How do you cope when you get a writers block?'  and my answer was, 'I don't have those things ... I wish I did sometimes to give me some peace,' which is very true, for many times I wake up in the morning and dash off to write a chapter in my latest novel, which I must have worked out in my sleep. Madness has the same effect I understand!”

At the age of 72, Alfred Nestor has a new life an author! As well as helping fellow stroke sufferers by giving motivational talks in hospitals, health and community centres, he now finds his autobiography is used by schools to help educate pupils on the ravages of war.

Some might look at Alfred as some sort of freak of nature, being gifted with writing skills he never had by virtue of some sort of divine intervention to make up for the ills he has suffered as a child in war-torn Germany, but Alfred says, “It’s all very strange how I write, and drives the other authors up the wall. I have no idea of what my next novel is going to be about. I just sit in front of the computer screen and let my mind wander, and the first words that appear gives me the subject, and the story just follows on its own.”

Indeed, it would seem that what has happened to Alfred with regards his new writing career was a stroke of luck! Certainly, the power of the mind is a huge factro in this, too. As well as the book Uncle Hitler, Alfred has had other titles published (Achtung...We Rule the Waves: A Saga of War at Sea and Shadows in the Darkness) and there are many forthcoming titles awaiting publication.

See Alfred's book at Amazon

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Friday, 5 April 2013

How Negative Thinking Can Alert The Thought Police By Stephen Richards

The Thought Police! Wow! The cold, scary reality sets in. We already have such things as speech crimes, where just talking about what you will do can get you into trouble. Even writing about it in the press or wearing a slogan on a t-shirt can result in you being imprisoned (39-year-old man from Manchester, England, was sentenced to eight months in jail - a teenager from Lancashire, England, was jailed for three months for writing jokes on his Facebook page). The regularity with which the police and legal system now hurl anyone into jail judged to have executed a “speech crime” is highly disturbing.

As equally as how mind power can be used in a positive way to manifest your desires, then it is equally so that in the future negative thoughts may also give rise to some sort of manifestation in the guise of the Thought Police knocking at your door!

Even tweetcrimes and Facebook misbehavior are being spelled out in law as to what is right and what is wrong for anyone to post! Criminal charges can be brought for trolling or provocative speech online! To me, speech is either free or it isn’t.

At the moment, the state may well only be locking up bigoted joke-tellers or teenage clowns, but who knows who else could fall foul of today’s self-styled shapers of civic decency. Non- believers in religious faiths, perhaps?

However, what about thought crimes? What if you simply hold views in your head without speaking or writing about them that are not acceptable to the overwhelming majority of people? Is freedom of thought a thing of the past? A world where people are prosecuted for what they think, rather than what they do. To me, the idea of being imprisoned for what you think is deeply sinister. Governments don’t just want to steal your money, they also want to own your mind.

The NSA (National Security Agency) is developing a gizmo that George Orwell's “Thought Police” may, perhaps, have found useful: a man-made intelligence system planned to obtain an insight into what citizens are thinking!

With the whole world-wide web and thousands of databases for a brain, the apparatus will be capable of responding nearly immediately to difficult questions asked by intelligence forecasters. As more and more information is collected by means of telephone calls, credit card receipts, social network sites like Twitter and Facebook, GPS tracking, cellphone cross-referencing, search engine searches, internet retailer book purchases, it may one day be possible to be acquainted with not just where people are and what they are doing, but what and how they think!

The structure is so potentially invasive that at least one researcher has already walked out, mentioning concerns over the hazard in placing such a controlling weapon in the hands of a top-secret agency with little answerability.

Our thoughts, it seems, are increasingly able to be revealed through brain imaging. People could be jailed, and in fact have been in India, after lie-detecting brain scans find them guilty. This science is just the latest instance of neuro imaging being used to read the human mind. If private enterprise has its way, courtrooms around the world will soon be convicting people based on brain-imaging evidence.

The Cephos Corp of Massachusetts has been marketing commercially available fMRI-based deception-detection services, based on software analysis of subjects. Cephos asserted better than 90 per cent precision in determining deception. In California, “No Lie MRI2” charges customers $4,000 to $5,000 (£2,750 to £3,500) to carry out lie-detection tests.

Although US and British courts do not permit brain images as evidence, companies have aspirations in that direction. Lie detection evidence based on brain scans will one day enter America's legal system. These professional companies will also try to get the scans accepted in British courts.

Scientists say they have discovered a way to read people's dreams by means of MRI scanners to observe brain activity.

Japanese scientists were able to predict what images volunteers were seeing with about 60% accuracy.

While scientists are still a long way from being able to tune in to the intimate details of your dreams, the work so far is probably the first real manifestation of the brain basis of dream content.

But these are just passing thoughts; they're not actually plans, right? Well, researchers are able to read people's intentions with great accuracy. The next step is to build on these results to create a sort of mind-reading database of intentions. If scientists can correctly identify the brain activity signalling particular intentions - such as violent or criminal intentions - the intention to lie, the uses of this procedure are infinite.

A new scientific breakthrough allows scientists to see what people are imagining! They can even make sense of what number a person has just seen, what video the person has just watched, or what particular memory the person is recalling!

In a series of new experiments, scientists have been able to use a computer to decipher brain activity. So what? Well, the computer can reconstruct those signals into the actual words the participants are thinking about. It can, in fact, read your mind!

For now, reading someone's mind like this is an invasive process requiring access to the brain, but that's not to say it always will be. 

Let’s look at the future of thought reading and thought crime. The thought police would detect and punish thought criminals. The detection would be through surveillance techniques involving all seeing methods such as telescreens to monitor, search, find and arrest members of society with any deviation from prescribed thinking!

The prevention of negative thoughts though may be something that is addressed, and as time goes on it may be a case of having to take a “positive thinking” course in order to avoid a penalty for your negative thoughts! Oh well, good job I meditate!


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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Rid Yourself Of The Procrastination Mentality By Author Stephen Richards

Procrastination is simply the unwillingness to act on important tasks and instead put off it for the foreseeable future, which in reality never comes around. Procrastination is something that quite a lot of people suffer from. While at a glance we do not tend to take it seriously, it can, however, at times prove quite disastrous. Putting of crucial and vital tasks for later can be quite damaging, both for you and for others. Although it seems like it is quite an easy problem to take care of, in reality it hardly is. However, with dedication and determination you can definitely break free from this extremely bad habit.

There are a few things that you might want to try to rid yourself of the procrastination mentality.

There are times when you just cannot focus on your current work. Do not worry, this is quite normal and happens to the best of us. Do not try to fight yourself and force your body and mind to work on something that you just can’t do at that moment. If you try to do so, you will not only be unproductive but also you might end up actually ruining the work you were doing. Instead, if there are other things that need your attention try to work on those (you will be surprised how much you get done in order to avoid the task at hand). If even that is not possible for you at that very moment then go take a walk or do some leisurely activity for a few minutes. However, be very careful that your few minutes rest does not turn into an hour-long sojourn. When you are refreshed, get back to work and you will see that you can give more to your work than previously.

Some people can be unaware of the procrastination that they suffer from. Make sure that you pay attention to the time you spend doing nothing. However, I do not say that you should spend your every waking moment working. After all, there is truth in the proverb – “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. You should, however, cap your idle time to a limit.

Just try to see what exactly you can do in life without procrastination. If you can discipline yourself not to do be lethargic and stop putting off work for another day, then you will find your life being changed drastically. You will begin to feel good about everything and you will visibly see the difference once you shed procrastination.


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