Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


As a child I experienced quite a lot of trauma, and looking back on it I can see why I was a bed wetter, also known as nocturnal enuresis, until I was 15-years-old! Some might be ashamed to reveal this about their past, but I feel quite the opposite … by talking about it I am help others. I mean, if someone like me can talk about it then it becomes less of a taboo subject. If you have a child bed wetter then tell them about me, how this guy who is a world famous  author once wet the bed and could see no end to the misery of it.

Some claim that the child has a smaller than normal bladder, or that constipation can trigger bed wetting in a child (but I certainly wasn’t constipated for all of those years). I didn’t have a urine infection, which some say is the cause of bed wetting. One cause of bed wetting in children is the lack of an antidiuretic hormone which the pituitary gland secretes, this is supposed to slow down the production of urine by the kidneys so we don't have to wake up to urinate, but that wasn’t the case with me. Difficulty in waking up is also cited as a cause of bed wetting in children, well that one’s rather obvious ... isn’t it? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work that one out! Part of the brain is supposed to stay awake so it can tell you to wake up when you need to urinate.

Anyway, the doctor prescribed me one of these mattress mats that trigger an alarm which goes off when it detects moisture as a way of overcoming this. This is called “sleep conditioning”. The alarm would everyone up except for me; in the end the acid in my urine eventually rotted the metallic mattress mat.!

As I got older, bed wetting caused no end of frustration within me. I was angry at myself for what was happening. Of course, although many things are cited as being the cause for bed wetting in children, hardly any mention trauma, which was the cause of my condition. Eventually I was strong enough in the mind to overcome the problem; my life had become more settled after the early trauma I had suffered as a young child. I mean, seeing someone put a gun to your mother’s head as a three year old is not conducive to good psychological health. I suppose if it were only that one thing I experienced then I may have got over it, but I saw so much more!

However, when I was eventually in control of my bladder, I was released from my prison. I could stay at school summer camps without fear of being ridiculed. I could drink late at night without fear of the consequences. Perhaps that achievement helped me excel at sports and made me more confident within, although that confidence led me astray a few times.

Of course, if I knew then what I know now … well, certainly I would have had the ability to lift myself out of that trauma. I see a lot of “deep trance” hypnotherapy stuff for use in child bed wetters, but that certainly would not work on a child that has endured trauma. Those sorts of things are deep within the mind, not the sort of thing such deep trance audios should be used on, it requires in-depth, expert help.


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