Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Good, The Bad And Ugliness Of Life Adds To Our Flag Of Fortitude!

After winning a huge scholarship and going to college, I went to work for a company. Of course, being the youngest there I was given all of the dirty and tiresome jobs. I stuck it out there for a few years, and then while travelling to an onsite job for the company in my newly acquired car (on finance), a car pulled out from the lane inside of me, its back end clipped the front wing of my car and I found myself in a car spinning out of control. Eventually a rather sturdy lamppost stopped the car as the back end ploughed into it. I was off work for a few months with a very badly strained neck.

Although I was officially “on sick leave”, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go part shares in a garage (large enough for all of two cars) that was coming up for rent, this was an automobile repair garage. Well, I must admit, I had no experience at this, but was prepared to do all and anything if it meant being my own boss.

I thought that while I was recovering that it would be good to do something to get me on the mend, so I accepted. After a few months of running the garage, long story short, I had forgotten all about my job I was on sick leave from. I rather enjoyed the garage work and found myself enthralled by this new adventure.

I never went back to my old job, as co-running that garage was a big achievement for me. I now had control over my destiny, I was my own boss. It meant I could value myself, feel good about myself and make as much money as I wanted, or so I thought.

I continued working for myself and being co-proprietor of the garage with my best friend. However, soon my life was to go out of control just like the car wreck that put me into this position when, due to circumstances beyond my control, my friend hung himself and that was the end of the garage business.  


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