Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sharm el-Sheikh - Catastrophic Vibrational Negativity Prediction Results In Further Death (Article By Stephen Richards)

Today I awoke with a sweat. As I tried to reason why, I felt something was wrong, but what? Later that day I opened my web browser on my computer and what caught my eye sent a “what” premonition down my spine! The headline read: British Girl Drowns In Pool At Egyptian Resort. “No!” I thought, “Not Sharm el-Sheikh!” but in my heart I knew that it was.

On Saturday, 23 February (2013) I posted a blog with the title: CATASTROPHIC VIBRATIONAL NEGATIVITY in Sharm el Sheikh by Stephen Richards. 

Now today, Saturday, 18 May (2013), I discovered that a five-year-old British girl on her first ever holiday with her parents has died (17 May) in a water park, Coral Sea Waterworld hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh, which had reportedly been open for less than three weeks.

As I read the news feed my heart cries at the further loss of life I predicted for this resort when I wrote back in February:

“Apologies if this posting sounds negative, but it is meant to save lives and to be a positive post! Call me mad, call me whatever, but something needs urgently attending to.”

The tragic death of Chloe Johnson (pictured at top of page) is being probed by local police and UK tour operator First Choice is also investigating. The British consulate is now working to offer every assistance possible to the family in resort. And you know what? In order for them to fully understand how the incident occurred, they would have to go back in time and change how the attachment of catastrophic vibrational negativity came about in Sharm el-Sheikh!

In such a new complex as this there was every reason for the parents of Chloe to believe that their daughter would be safe, and when in a pool area such as this complex has then it is to be expected that lifeguards are on hand. I do not wish to go fully into the further tragic details, as already I am feeling a sense of further loss at Sharm el-Sheikh.

I would ask that you avoid Sharm el-Sheikh like the plague, and I will be sending details of my previous findings to UK tour operator First Choice, asking them to strike Sharm el-Sheikh from their database of holidays.

Catastrophic vibrational negativy stems from the vibrational output created by whatever catastrophe occurred … not by the thought of it happening! I hope that has made the point very clear.

We can often feel the charge in our body associated with the experience of emotions. When this occurs, an electromagnetic field is generated around our body which attracts to us another person who has an identical electromagnetic field around their body - and the same emotional feeling in their heart. Like attracts like, so to speak. This is the same of catastrophic vibrational negativity, it continually pulls in the same waves and this is when you can find yourself in trouble.

Stanislaw Lem predicted in his book The Principle of Catastrophes that creative destruction would become a leitmotif (any sort of recurring theme) of the 21st century. He describes the world as an agglomeration (a jumbled cluster or mass of varied parts) of coincidental catastrophes - determined by strict laws- and extreme global and intergalactic catastrophes as being a prerequisite for the development of human life.

Usuually when something like this happens like, for instance, a bus crash, plane crash, cruiseliner sinking, mountaineering accident, etc, etc then there is a spate of the same sort of incident. Again, caused by the negative vibrational output that can cause a replica of the original incident, but anywhere else in the world! There is no reason for it, it just happens.

Shortly after Chloe died in Sharm el-Sheik, a British holidaymaker drowned in rough seas while on a family holiday in Italy. police confirmed today. Brian Kent drowned in front of his wife Sally and several other family members when the break turned to tragedy as the group went for a late afternoon swim after lunch.

Watch out for a pattern when something bad happens, you will see the connections.


I have contacted UK tour Operator First Choice and sent them links to this and related article. 

Stephen Richards is a mind power professional working in the field of the law of attraction. Author of over 80 titles and a former clinical hypnotherapist working in the therapeutic sector, Stephen Richards spends much of his time researching the subject that turned his own life around .. Cosmic Ordering.


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Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Stroke Of Luck Creates New Writing Career For WW 2 Survivor Alfred Nestor

“Alfred who?” I said to my PA.

“Alfred Nestor! You know, the gentleman I told you about a while ago, he’s asking about having his life story being accepted for publication,” she replied down the phone.

My PA had been in contact with Alfred Nestor for some months as he had been in touch several times over his life story. To be honest, my business Mirage Publishing receives on average about 100 life story typescripts every year. The sad thing is that almost all of them have the missing “zing” element.

However, my PA was excited about Alfred Nestor’s story as it was not quite the usual hum-drum, usual  account that never gets to make it in to print. Long story short, the life story of Alfred Nestor did have the zing touch and was accepted for publication and given the name “Uncle Hitler”.

The book detailed his life growing up in Germany during World War Two and his final journey to the UK as a child, and eventually, some 60 years later, being reunited with his long lost father, who was thought to have perished in the war as an SS officer.

That might be the end of the story, as usually after the autobiography of a person has been published then that is it! Their writing career comes to a standstill.

To make the background to what follows, it is best to tell the reader that one morning Alfred Nestor woke up and felt rather strange. On trying to get out of bed, he found that he was paralysed on his right side! At first he thought that maybe he had slept awkwardly, and his right side was stiff, but he soon realized that he had suffered a stroke.

Ten years after this first stroke, Alfred suffered a second stroke, but this was different, although he did not consider it as important as he was only ill for a week in hospital, it was to change his whole life!

After thirteen weeks of convalescence, he returned to his job as security manager with a security company. This was, in some respects, a mistake for he was not happy, physically or mentally, as he still had many problems.

Eventually Alfred made a full recovery, but now he discovered a flair for writing that he never before had! Where once he was stuck for words, words flowed in the creative style of writing ... writing novels, his life story, comedy and even historical fiction!

After his first book was taken on by Mirage Publishing in 2011, more work followed from Alfred for consideration of publication. So impressed was I with his work that I immediately signed him up to five new titles!

References to Alfred’s strokes were barely mentioned in the Uncle Hitler book, but after in-depth conversations with me it became apparent that it was only after Alfred had suffered his second stroke that his writing talents became abundant. 

Alfred tells me, “I was asked the other day by another author, 'How do you cope when you get a writers block?'  and my answer was, 'I don't have those things ... I wish I did sometimes to give me some peace,' which is very true, for many times I wake up in the morning and dash off to write a chapter in my latest novel, which I must have worked out in my sleep. Madness has the same effect I understand!”

At the age of 72, Alfred Nestor has a new life an author! As well as helping fellow stroke sufferers by giving motivational talks in hospitals, health and community centres, he now finds his autobiography is used by schools to help educate pupils on the ravages of war.

Some might look at Alfred as some sort of freak of nature, being gifted with writing skills he never had by virtue of some sort of divine intervention to make up for the ills he has suffered as a child in war-torn Germany, but Alfred says, “It’s all very strange how I write, and drives the other authors up the wall. I have no idea of what my next novel is going to be about. I just sit in front of the computer screen and let my mind wander, and the first words that appear gives me the subject, and the story just follows on its own.”

Indeed, it would seem that what has happened to Alfred with regards his new writing career was a stroke of luck! Certainly, the power of the mind is a huge factro in this, too. As well as the book Uncle Hitler, Alfred has had other titles published (Achtung...We Rule the Waves: A Saga of War at Sea and Shadows in the Darkness) and there are many forthcoming titles awaiting publication.

See Alfred's book at Amazon

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