Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Friday, 15 July 2016

How To Really Become A Millionaire By Stephen Richards

I am Stephen Richards, a mind power professional. I will show you how to create abundance in an effortless way. I have successfully assisted many people to continuously create success by using mind power techniques. This is really just a way of using the power of your mind to manifest your desires, it's that simple.

Why is it that others just seem to come out of the proverbial brown stuff smelling of roses? They just seem to be sugar-coated with good luck! Wealth and abundance just seem to be on a conveyor belt for them. What sets them apart is their ability to use their mind more than you. They have an uncanny knack for manifesting their desires with what seems like little effort. Well now you don't have to be a wizard to make that happen in your own life, I will show you how you can think like a millionaire and become one. The truth is that everyone still wants to achieve success today more than ever.

Have you ever wanted to feel what starting the day out with an air of excitement and expectancy is like? Just think, what if you could do whatever you wanted? What if money were no object? That feeling of excitement as the new day starts would be so fantastic. What if I could show you how you can make that happen? By using the power of your mind and focusing on what you desire you can eventually secure that brand new life you have longed for. Fame, wealth, health and more can be yours ... but first let me show you the basic principles of it.

First you have to affirm your intentions to the universe, add some vigor and pep to your thought processes so that they work in getting you all what you desire. Believe it or not, this extra vitality you add to your thought process is heard by the universe, and it responds! Believe me, you have to be fearless, and be strong in your mind's desire to gain that success. A willingness to put this into action with some zap is all that is required.

The minute you want something and start thinking in a positive way about it is the exact time you are sending positive thoughts out about it. This is called 'manifesting', and it can be as a quiet thought or verbalized as loudly as you wish. However, do not go about it in a covert way, let others know what you desire and talk about it in a positive way. By no means should it rule your life, just let it simmer on the back burner.

Manifesting is about being able to visualize, being able to think and seeking the vibrational energy in that object. By virtue of your request you are pulling it to you. First you have to create it in your mind in a visual image, as thought. As you connect to it, send those positive thoughts out to the universe and it will be brought to you. If you have sufficient clarity of thought, it is likely that you will connect to and receive your exact desire.

Mix with others with similar ideas and viewpoints and soon you will see a more positive resonance to your thoughts, which adds the dimension of the group's energy to your thoughts. Do map out your desires; don't just throw them out to the universe without giving them some structure. Use positive words, leave out negative words.

Objects all around you and in the universe are radiating vibrations; this is also what is happening to your body and mind. You are emitting these oscillations that are taken notice of by the universe. So try to remain in an upbeat state of mind and good things will happen to you. Soon you will start to develop an innate skill at increasing these outputs as and when needed. You will then be able to use them in tandem with your thoughts when manifesting anything you desire, and in so doing will increase the chances of success. In order to shield yourself from negative vibrations, try to stay around people with similar states of mind.

Simply placing a wish and muttering a few words of intent under your breath is insufficient! You must direct your thoughts to the very core of the universe, or at least feel that you are doing so. Your wishes are not going to go very far if you just think of an item and wish for it. You have to apply your mind, send out those thoughts with words, either in your head or out aloud. Then you must believe fully.

Impatience is one of the biggest drawbacks to preventing your desire from happening. By stamping your feet or constantly asking "where is it?" and "when will it happen?" will only serve to block your wishes. What you are pursuing is not something that can be expedited simply by demanding it to appear before you. This falls to a higher skill, so just for now be patient. Move on to slightly larger wishes, a few a week if need be. But steady as she goes is best to start with.

Advanced mind power techniques can make you more adept at making things happen a little faster, but just for now concentrate on the smaller wishes first. These small wishes are called 'step orders', that is because they are a stepping stone to larger orders. Build up your confidence levels first. Many throw in the towel after a few tries, don't fall for it, stay with it and develop your skills and soon you will be a success.

Stay lucky.

Discover how you can manifest the life you desire in Law of Attraction Coaching: (Vol. 3) by Stephen Richards available at Amazon, click here.

Write, Talk Or Think Your Way To Success By Stephen Richards

Is it better to write about positive experiences or verbalize them? This is a recent question I was asked.

This reminded me of some work I had done in connection with analyzing positive events. We each go through ways to re-run events: thinking, writing and verbalizing.

I discovered by way of my own experimentation and on those around me that if positive experiences were written about then this did not add to the pleasure derived from the event!

Quite startlingly, I discovered that talking about positive experiences was not as rewarding as just thinking about them privately to yourself! That was a real learning curve for me and put my manifesting on a fast track to even more success, as all I did for a while was think of the success I had and how good it felt to achieve that. This gave me a real boost to my manifesting.


Well, as equally as good as thinking about positive experiences helped with manifesting, thinking about negative experiences reduced the feeling of triumph.

It was a killer, it brought the thinker down in vibrational output, and soon things began to look bleak in the overall picture of life's satisfaction.

However, I looked for a way around this, a way that would make you feel better, a way to drain off the bad experiences.

Voila! I came up with the answer. Again, with the help of a few willing volunteers I found that by getting them to write down these bad experiences or even talk about them increased their vibrational level and put things into perspective.

So hey, when the brown stuff hits the fan, talk about it...talking is good. Write it down, get it out of your system.
Find out more about how you can manifest success in How to Get Everything You Can Imagine: Volume 2: Think Big - Make It Happen by Stephen Richards at Amazon, click here.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

How To Use The Power of Cosmic Thoughts To Influence Others By Stephen Richards

What people need is a helping mind rather than a helping hand. There are times when people come to you with a problem on their minds that is bothering them. They feel negative about it and are having thoughts of not being capable enough to deal with it. Maybe they lack confidence, belief, ideas or whatever they say it is. You might feel there’s nothing you can do to help them because you are not in a position to directly influence the factors of their situation. But the truth is, that is not true! If that was the case, then what is the use of your friends telling you what their problem is?

Is it just to share their sorrows with you so that they will feel better? Well that does help to a certain extent. Talking about a problem brings order to the mind so as to position it to deal with it objectively. Having a negative emotion released in the company of an understanding friend dissipates its influence so that the person will start attracting less of the problem. But, there is more that you can do than that!

Contrary to conventional thinking, instead of what you can do with your hands, actions or even money for that person, the greatest help that you can give is actually mind power help! You would probably be thinking what that means is about giving advice and speaking words of encouragement that can change the mind of the person into being more positive. But that idea is only part of it.

The most powerful form of mind power help is psychic influence. You can influence the actions of another by using the power of Cosmic Thoughts. The thoughts you think in your mind send out thoughtwaves that can affect the minds of others. Thought waves are as real as electromagnetic and sound waves. Mind is the most responsive medium to thought waves.

There are two kinds of mental influence you can use. One is visualization and the other is affirmation. When you use visualization, you imagine your friend doing what is best for him/herself. Picture in your mind that your friend is carrying out the action required to solve his/her problem.

See him/her as acting with courage, being strong and filled with positive energy. Watch the amazing things that happen after you do that. Your friend will feel a strong positive urge to do those things and enjoy doing them although he/she may have resisted doing them in the past. They will even acknowledge that they know perfectly well what they are doing is very odd behavior because they never do that before.

When you use affirmation, you send a mental command to the person you wish to influence. In your mind, you think of a statement as though mentally speaking it. Some affirmations can be ‘You are feeling a renewed sense of confidence and power’, ‘You have the courage to do what you need to do’, ‘You are unstoppable in overcoming the problem’, ‘You will succeed and not fail’.

You can also use affirmation by sending a thought into reality. You can think of the statements ‘My friend (Name) is feeling positive’, ‘She is taking action to achieve her goal right now,’ ‘He succeeds in getting what he wants.’

These are just general statements that you can make a lot more specific for the exact situation you friend is facing. Mind controls behavior, not only yours but others as well. You can change a person’s behavior by imagining him/her behaving differently.

This is what praying for another person is really all about. Ask and it shall be giving unto you always. To imagine is to ask. The superconscious always activates in reality what you think about. But since the superconscious operates according to its divine justice, if what you think about is not in harmony with its Higher Will, it will influence other minds to think opposing thoughts for it to activate against your own.

The power thoughts of the righteous will prevail over the thoughts of evil. Both are given what they ask but only one will receive because one gift will destroy the other. When evil prevails, it is because the righteous are mentally passive.

Knowing this helps you to understand how positive thought really works in every area of life.

It is good when others influence you in a way that benefits you. The reverse is also true. It is not good when others influence you in ways that are detrimental to you. When you sense an urge to do something that isn’t really beneficial for you, whether you succumb to that influence or repel it away with an opposing force will depend on the thoughts you constantly hold in your mind.

Rightful thoughts attract rightful influence and repel harmful ones. The same is true for wrongful thoughts. You thoughts can not only affect your own reality but other people’s reality as well. If a group of people think negatively about a person, it will make the reality of that person changing that much more difficult. That person will have to fight not only his own inner conflict keeping him from improving, but the exterior conflict coming from his peer group. The more people imagine a person’s success and well being, the more that person’s reality will be enhanced by the collective mental support of the group.

Usually the reason why others think negatively about someone is because they are just reflecting the negative thoughts that originated from that person. The environment reflects the mind. But we as higher aspects of our environment have conscious control over the reflection process. Everything else may have no choice but to reflect the mind of a person but we can choose not to reflect by purposely thinking differently. Changing reality is our power as conscious beings. When you keep thinking about someone in a negative, disempowering and unhelpful way although it is ‘true’, your thoughts will perpetuate his/her reality.

Start thinking differently and you will affect the situation differently. When you choose not to reflect people’s negative reality creating thoughts, but to reshape their reality with your own positive thoughts instead, it means you are stronger than them. Your reality is stronger than theirs.

If you desire to help someone destroy some form of lack, limitation or error, the correct method is not to think of the person whom you wish to help. The intention to help them is entirely sufficient, as this puts you in mental touch with the person. Then drive out of your own mind any belief of lack, limitation, disease, danger, difficulty or whatever the trouble might be about the person’s situation.

As soon as you have succeeded is doing this the result will have been accomplished, and the person will be free. Sometimes our very own beliefs or mindset of limitation, lack or any other disempowering thing about the person’s reality might be the very thing that is keeping him/her stuck in that reality. The same could be very true when others are affecting our reality the same way with their thoughts of lack and limitation in regards to the situation we are engaging.

That is why it is so important to be with supportive and positive people who believe in the possibilities and abundance of our success. It is also very important to stop believing in lack and limitation of a person’s condition and choose to focus on the possibilities and freedom of being able to achieve what they want.

Thinking in positive, empowering and helpful ways pays off in many ways. You will benefit, your friends will benefit, and even the world will benefit.

How to Get Everything You Can Imagine, Book 2: Think Big - Make It Happen by Stephen Richards on Amazon in this link here.

Make Your Subconscious Thoughts Materialize In Your Reality By Stephen Richards

Considering the principles of the law of attraction, like is attracted to like, we can understand how vibrations are attracted to other vibrations of an identical frequency. Now compare this analogy with your thoughts, your thoughts are a form of energy with their own unique frequency and as your Cosmic thoughts are sent out into the Universe they gather energy, vibrating at the identical frequency and bring to you circumstances and people who reside on the same frequency.

The higher the vibration, the more positive the events or people you attract and likewise. The lower the vibration, then the more negative will be the people and events you attract. This means it is important to raise your core vibration rate and in turn the thoughts you send out will be of a higher vibration. By understanding the law of vibration you can use it to your advantage.

Creative visualization techniques and the repetitive use of positive autosuggestion are one of the most effective ways to raise your vibration. To effectively raise your core vibration you need to change your system of beliefs at the deepest level. Using affirmations for example will not work unless you successfully plant the seeds of whatever it is you want to change into your subconscious mind.

If your affirmations penetrate no deeper than your conscious mind you would barely notice any changes in your reality. However, if by the constant saturation of positive affirmations and the regular use of creative visualization you do manage to impregnate your subconscious mind with a new positive direction you will most definitely increase your core vibration to a higher level. This higher state of vibration will bring new people and new experiences that also exist on a higher level and you will then begin to see positive changes occurring in your life which has come about through the law of vibration.

Well, to begin the process of raising your vibration and attracting more positive people and events into your life, the road to change appears to be a difficult path to take. At this point you need to make a decision and stick to it. Life is forever changing, everything in the Universe as mentioned before is made of energy. All forms of energy are always moving. Nothing is ever still. This is the nature of the Universe so it is pointless to try and fight it. Embrace it and move forward just like you know you want to.

Making positive changes for the better may involve avoiding negative-minded people. If I were to tell you that I hardly ever watch any TV or hardly ever read a newspaper then it might tell you a little about why I am so successful in what I do.

You see, most of the news media keeps us in a negative state of mind by filling our heads with images of violence, poverty and general feelings of discontent. I always had the idea of running a TV station just for good news. Don’t buy into the negative attitudes of others; learn that a negative thought can be replaced with a positive thought. This mindset is entirely up to you.

Set a simple goal and work towards it with right thoughts, words and actions. Replace the constant chatter in the back of your mind with a positive suggestion and repeat it as often as possible. Imagine the positive outcome of your desires with as much emotion as possible. See the pictures on the good news TV channel of what you want in your mind and focus on this often, especially for a few minutes when you wake up and when you go to bed. Imagine how you will feel when your desires manifest in your life.

I cannot make this happen with you, only you can raise your vibration and, therefore, improve your life. This all begins with a desire to change. With a little bit of discipline and by saturating your mind with positive words and thoughts, you have the ability to alter the direction of your life. Any thought held firmly in your subconscious mind will materialize in your reality.

The law of vibration, like all the other universal laws, is always at your disposal to work for you instead of against you.

Discover how to change your life in Law of Attraction Coaching: (Vol. 3) by Stephen Richards on Amazon in this link here.

Defeat Self-Limiting Beliefs Within You Like A Jedi And Become A Winner By Stephen Richards

Worriers are not born that way, and that is what doubt is ... worry. Do not doubt yourself for one minute, believe in yourself and you will feel the stress of life fall away, this is when you can start planning for your new life. Why worry about how you will get what you desire, as this is a real killer of what really should be a joyful moment. Remain focused on your wishes, but do not let this rule your life. Feel for the new you that is within you and allow it to come out of you. This way you are in touch with your higher self.

Stop harboring grudges against those who have wronged you, it just holds you back when you really want to be in the NOW. Learn to forgive others so that you can release yourself from being held captive by the very negative thoughts around you. You are not forgiving others just for the sake of it; you are forgiving them so you can set yourself free.

Have you noticed how some people are successful without even trying, they seem to glide through life. What is their secret? Simple, they are focused and have Jedi self-confidence! This is what you must instill within yourself if you want what you desire. 

Successful people, like a Jedi, have the ability to change direction without any warning. Adopt this methodology and become flexible to life around you so that you can become a winner. This is what sets winners apart from losers.

Never be frightened to accept help, as pride comes before a fall. When you want to be successful then the main key is to delegate the mundane jobs to others. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family who want to see you get on in life. If you have negative-minded friends then, sorry, you have to dump them, as they will only succeed in stopping you from going forward. So be brave in your mind about jettisoning that extra baggage that is holding you back.

Some people do not take to being praised with ease; it makes them feel uncomfortable because they feel unworthy of it. Change that view within you about yourself and you will find that this praise is what can inspire you. Only have ears for praise, not for negative words. When someone pays you a compliment then be thankful of it, allow it to energize you. Praise is a way of passing on positive energy to others, so that's why you should accept it. The more praise you accept then the higher your vibrational state will rise. If someone is constantly putting you down then that will draw your energy and create a low vibrational state within you, so you need to get away from them.

Just a few words here about those that seek to disempower you, do not allow such talk or dominance from others to get you upset, just avoid it and move away from these people. Do not allow them to get under your skin or to disrupt your equilibrium – be like a Jedi Knight. When people infect you with their negativity then this, without you realizing it, can set off a chain of events that you might find hard to immediately put a stop to. Just stay resolute in your self-belief, and look at the bigger picture.

Look at what you have and give praise for it, as it is easy to lose sight of what is around you. See your loving family and friends as allies. Feel good from not having hunger in your life, feel good for the life you have. Never despise yourself for failing, as you are far from that. If you see yourself as a success now then that is something that will stay with you. Work towards a larger success, build on what you have. If you live in a shack,  see yourself living in a mansion. If you ride a boneshaker of a bicycle, see yourself driving a limousine instead! Right now that second class boneshaker is better than third class walking! Be clear about what you desire, see the new car with all its whistles and bells ... you get the idea!

Do you notice how some people take to luxury like a duck to water, see how they accept lavishness and extravagance with ease. This is because they feel worthy of it. If someone bought you an expensive gift then don't look awkward in accepting it, be thankful for it by all means and show gratitude, but do not fall to your knees in thankfulness. You must have a sense of self-worth and certainly shoot for the stars in what you want, but not after trying out those smaller test orders and building up to the larger ones first. 

Think about it, no one is going to come along and shove bundles of cash through your letterbox! You have to use the means to attracting the wealth, and in doing so it may be that you have to go about it in a roundabout way. Maybe you dream of opening a big business, but it cannot happen just like that. You have to start it off and build up to the BIG dream, but stay with it and never lose track of that dream because you will bet there in the end. Feel comfortable in thinking big, never listen to the negative people who put you down for having these big ideas.

Do you ever see big tycoon business people in the news mixing with losers? Of course not, usually you see pictures of successful people mixing with other successful people. So when someone is pulling you down, sapping your energy because they are what is known as a 'psychic vampire' then you have to close yourself down to them. They feed off you, and the more they do this then the more you become weakened in your resolve to be successful. How you go about shutting them out is to stop entering into conversation with them, stop answering their questions and eventually they will get the message.

Spend time with like-minded people, you will find you succeed even more at what you want to have happen. A group's dynamic is more powerful than that of an individual. The power created is in the unity and it has to do with attitude. However if you sense bad vibes within such a group then you may have a wolf in sheep's clothing amidst them, so do be careful. Learn, also, to give yourself some 'me' time, this is when you can go into yourself and find some valuable answers that you were not able to do when doing the everyday chores of life. This is when you can reinforce your desires and instill a more positive and Jedi confident outlook into your life.

Have a laugh, as to look at things too seriously can bring that high state of vibrational thought crashing down. Ensure you have time to spend relaxing and spend it with friends and family and forget about your desires for a while, and soon any miseries you have will disappear. Soon you will discover that having fun is far better than languishing in worried thought. However, if you discover yourself sliding back to the worries then correct yourself, speak to your higher self and seek out the positive words that come to you. See your new life happening and accept it with gratitude and continue working towards that goal. Know it will happen and it WILL happen.

You are the master of your own destiny, you control your life and it is in your absolute control. Stick to this control and you will find your new Jedi direction in a short time.

This and more can be found in Develop Jedi Self-Confidence: Unleash the Force within You which is available from Amazon in this link here.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Become A Corporate Ninja And Attract What You Want And Play The Game To Win!

My name is Stephen Richards, I am a mind power pro. Many of my success quotes are picked up on around the globe, even Richard Branson has one of my quotes listed in his top ten. So when I see a way to help others achieve success I like to bring it to their attention. Here is something that will certainly help skyrocket you on to corporate success, especially in view of the changing global economy where the corporate mindset is changing rapidly.
What does it take to become a corporate ninja? Can we take a leaf ouf of Richard Branson's book of life and use that as a template or should we really develop our own style?  Well you really only learn the ways of success by emulating others and incoporating this into your own ideology.

Learn from those that have a seasoned outlook but a young mindset, this is the way forward if you want to become a corporate ninja. Here is a resource that will reveal to you how to clamber past most others and rise up the greasy pole of success. Here in Corporate Ninja – attract what you want and play the game to win! you will discover how to get to the top.

Now you don't even have to bore yourself with reading about how to become a corporate ninja, it's available from Amazon in audiobook format. Click here to see more on Amazon.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Harness Your Mind’s Power For Anything You Wish By Stephen Richards

Don't you just hate it when you are sat by the TV, watching the lottery results give out every number that is not on your losing ticket? That is when realty strikes home that you are going to have to dig deep into your already stretched resources. Your whole life seems to be a lottery of pot luck. Now all of that can change!

What must it feel like to live a luxurious lifestyle? No doubt about it, you've thought of it a lot but just don't seem to be able to find the shortest route to utopia. To be able to spend a month at time at the best vacation spot you can think of, to be able to indulge yourself and give yourself a treat whenever you want is easily within your grasp.

There are some well meaning purveyors of self-help stuff and the likes, but they lack any real depth when it comes to revealing how real wealth creation success is achieved through. I couldn't understand how so many people were falling for the 'write out a wish list and then just forget about it' method that internet sellers pitch to so many, when in reality this method is doomed to failure.

Now you too can harness your mind’s power for wealth creation just as I did and continue to do. You do not need to be a genius to make this work for you. After you discover these startlingly simple mind power techniques you will never look back.

Absolutely no one I am aware of uses the specific methods you will successfully use to manifest your desires. What is manifesting? It is simply the ability to materialize what you want. A very easy mind power method will activate your dormant abilities to do what has been long forgotten by mankind.

By virtue of you making a connection with what it is you desire you will be able to manifest your wishes. You came from the universe, and you are connected to everyone in the universe, this is how you are automatically gifted by birthright. You will simply be sending your positive thoughts to where your desires are located.

There is an initial exercise before you start ... and no, that does not mean bouncing around like a yogi! Your mind must become focused on what you desire, remain positive within yourself about it. You will find yourself becoming more upbeat, and this is when your flow of energy really uses the law of attraction as it is meant to be used. This is when you become a magnet for all you desire. This is it, think of when you were at your happiest and now focus on that. That is the frame of mind you must be in when ordering your desires.

Be specific about your desires. Use positive words when formulating your desires. Rather than just demand the newest model straight out of the showroom, be realistic. Rome wasn't built in day, so manifesting a new car is not going to be your first wish!

For instance, asking for good health has to be worded correctly too, as otherwise you could end up paying a visit to hospital for that 'good health' you requested. What you should ask for is that your good health continues and that, in a safe and natural way, you will maintain that good health and allow your body to release its healing energy within you to continue that good health. The same applies to any wish you place for wealth, health, advancement and anything else.

You may want to take this a step further, and if so I have put all of this together for you in a book, and not from some thought out of the air ideas, they are all tried and tested methods. So remember, stay in a positive state of mind, word your wishes correctly and think them in your head as you relax, that's how you place a simple manifesting wish within minutes.

For more details of these techniques and others find them in Anything You Wish: Beyond Limits by Stephen Richards available from Amazon in this link here.

Bring About Any Event Or Condition You Wish

My name is Stephen Richards; I am a mind power expert. I have come across very few with the ability to help others turn their lives around. However, I am pleased to present the insights of Master Adept Carl Nagle, whom I consider to be the world’s leading adept.

Have you ever wanted to attract money, pass exams, secure magical success, bring harmony to your life, confuse your enemies, locate lost objects, stop gossip, travel safely, attract the opposite sex, achieve political ambitions, bring riches, overcome opposition, know the future, secure honours and fame, protection from physical harm, vanquish enemies, cause discord, protect your home, dispel evil, discover hidden talents, attract a lover, and much more? Well now here an opportunity to discover how to do all of that from the greatest living adept ever ... Carl Nagle.

Carl Nagle is a modern day wizard with the awesome ability to help turn your life around with his own brand of wizardry to bring you what you seek.

Carl is the world’s leading authority on the psychic and occult sciences. His profound knowledge is based, not only on his own extensive investigations and study, but also on certain occult secrets passed on to him by beings from the unseen world. In this daring book, he reveals these secrets and shows you how to use them to bring about any event or condition you wish.

Formerly a member of the Psychic Research Society of Australia, Carl is widely known for his writings on psychic and metaphysical phenomena. In this book, he brings much of his earlier writings together and shows how to use the mysterious powers of the Invisible World to bring fame, fortune and happiness.

Discover how to turn your life around in Hidden Secrets: Attract Everything You Want by Carl Nagle, available from Amazon in this link here.

A Mind Technique To Help You Get What You Desire By Stephen Richards

This mind technique doesn’t need to be performed often, but its impact is long lasting. What is your idea of your dream day? Can you describe it; think in your head how that day would go? It’s quite a tough thing for you to do, isn’t it? It takes so much thought to go through it all. If you can’t see you goals and desires clearly, your subconscious mind can’t help you achieve them.

Here is an exercise for you to do (yes, some written work … as I know you love it).
Write down exactly how you would like that life to be. It makes sense, right? It’s going to serve as your guiding light. This should speed up the time it takes to make decisions and will greatly improve the choices that you make. No more fumbling around in the corners of your head for the answers, let’s give it some structure and planning here.


This will be your snapshot into the future. When you are struggling and feeling defeated, you can always go back to what you have written down about your ‘Dream Day’. You can gain motivation from it.

Now I know most of you are going to write things down that have connections to wealth, don’t limit those ideas. All you need to know is that it is possible to have what you want, and that is all your subconscious mind needs to know.


Firstly, you don’t worry about how you will make the events in your ‘Dream Day’ come true. All what you need to know is that you want it, you can make it happen and then you have it. That’s exactly what your subconscious mind will be working on.

Write down what your ‘Dream Day’ will be like, start from the minute you wake up. Describe it all, the type of bed you are in, the bedroom, the room layout, the breakfast, the car in the drive/garage, the home, the job, the holidays. Write down your perfect routine and make it vivid.


You should really feel an anticipation of this happening, this should really excite you because now you are taking the first step to creating your ideal future. You are now taking control of your life and steering it in the direction you want to go, your subconscious mind needs only to know this in order to act on it.


You can now take credit for creating your Dream Day, you have started in the right direction and now you are giving your dreams an airing. Maybe this is something you have never really done, up until now. All what you have done is talk about it. Now you can start to make it move in the right direction.


Gather your family around you, or your friends, ask them to listen to what you have to say about how you want your Dream Day to be like, and then tell them without holding anything back. Put some effort into it, apply yourself and mean what you say to them, be sincere about it. What you are doing here is an exercise that is for your subconscious mind, not for your conscious mind. By doing this you are actually putting this into your subconscious mind and reinforcing it. The subconscious senses a difference between the inner and outer worlds. It feels tension and gives you ideas, opportunities and motivation so that you can make your inner and outer worlds match.


About once a month go back and review what you have written down, look back over it and see if you need any major changes. Modify anything that needs modifying, as things may have changed in that month. If when you read over the text you have written, you will see the need to change something you are reading when it just doesn’t ring true anymore.

Discover how you can progress even further into activating your dream life in Pineal Gland Activation: Many Vibrations Reach Earth from the Universe by Stephen Richards. Check it out on Amazon in this link here.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Key To Better Meditation By Stephen Richards

MEDITATION is a major component in many religions. It's a practice to relax your mind, and to think deeper. It is used to achieve a higher state of consciousness, to create focus and to have a peaceful mind. With meditation can one relax his/her mind and can find harmony. The main point of having meditation is to focus one's energy on a particular point.

There are many techniques that are used to meditate and if you want to use meditation you can use these techniques, and once you perfect these than you can use meditation to advance your manifesting ability wherever and whenever you want to with great ease.
If you are not familiar with meditation then maybe you are wondering, What is meditation?” Well it is a way in our daily hectic life to tackle life's problems, stress, and anxiety. Meditation is very easy to perform and brings immense practical benefits to us.
You can meditate in various ways, using various poses. You can do it by simply lying flat on your back, the traditional pose is not necessary to perform meditation. If you chose to do it in a sitting position then you have to sit like a soldier in attention mode, so that your neck and your spine align.

Some people, during meditation, inhale with help of their nose or mouth, then out through the nose or mouth. There are no hard and fast rules as to breathing through the nose or mouth. However, you must use the same procedure on the inhaling and exhaling throughout the meditation, so if you inhale through your nose and breathe out through your mouth, be sure to continue in this way throughout the meditation.

Another Meditation Breathing Practice
Sit and inhale, then try to hold your breath for as long as you can, but remember ... don't try to force yourself to do so. Always ensure that you are not forcing the breath to stay inside of you. Just let your breath penetrate inside you. And then exhale through your mouth or nose.

To start meditation you must be precise in what you do, because due to lack of information many people struggle to breathe correctly and they think that they are doing well. But the simple fact is that you must not breathe by forcing yourself.

You must practice and practice so that you perfect the breathing technique. And breathing perfectly is the key to better meditation. You can also visualize anything that has happened in your life during your mediation in your unconscious mind. In this state of mind no time is given to the conscious mind to react, so you are not attached with these happenings, as a result you can have more focus on your problems through meditation.

The law of attraction is an area where meditation can be very rewarding, and when using manifesting combined with meditation then your world opens up to new possibilities. Good luck.

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