Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Defeat Self-Limiting Beliefs Within You Like A Jedi And Become A Winner By Stephen Richards

Worriers are not born that way, and that is what doubt is ... worry. Do not doubt yourself for one minute, believe in yourself and you will feel the stress of life fall away, this is when you can start planning for your new life. Why worry about how you will get what you desire, as this is a real killer of what really should be a joyful moment. Remain focused on your wishes, but do not let this rule your life. Feel for the new you that is within you and allow it to come out of you. This way you are in touch with your higher self.

Stop harboring grudges against those who have wronged you, it just holds you back when you really want to be in the NOW. Learn to forgive others so that you can release yourself from being held captive by the very negative thoughts around you. You are not forgiving others just for the sake of it; you are forgiving them so you can set yourself free.

Have you noticed how some people are successful without even trying, they seem to glide through life. What is their secret? Simple, they are focused and have Jedi self-confidence! This is what you must instill within yourself if you want what you desire. 

Successful people, like a Jedi, have the ability to change direction without any warning. Adopt this methodology and become flexible to life around you so that you can become a winner. This is what sets winners apart from losers.

Never be frightened to accept help, as pride comes before a fall. When you want to be successful then the main key is to delegate the mundane jobs to others. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family who want to see you get on in life. If you have negative-minded friends then, sorry, you have to dump them, as they will only succeed in stopping you from going forward. So be brave in your mind about jettisoning that extra baggage that is holding you back.

Some people do not take to being praised with ease; it makes them feel uncomfortable because they feel unworthy of it. Change that view within you about yourself and you will find that this praise is what can inspire you. Only have ears for praise, not for negative words. When someone pays you a compliment then be thankful of it, allow it to energize you. Praise is a way of passing on positive energy to others, so that's why you should accept it. The more praise you accept then the higher your vibrational state will rise. If someone is constantly putting you down then that will draw your energy and create a low vibrational state within you, so you need to get away from them.

Just a few words here about those that seek to disempower you, do not allow such talk or dominance from others to get you upset, just avoid it and move away from these people. Do not allow them to get under your skin or to disrupt your equilibrium – be like a Jedi Knight. When people infect you with their negativity then this, without you realizing it, can set off a chain of events that you might find hard to immediately put a stop to. Just stay resolute in your self-belief, and look at the bigger picture.

Look at what you have and give praise for it, as it is easy to lose sight of what is around you. See your loving family and friends as allies. Feel good from not having hunger in your life, feel good for the life you have. Never despise yourself for failing, as you are far from that. If you see yourself as a success now then that is something that will stay with you. Work towards a larger success, build on what you have. If you live in a shack,  see yourself living in a mansion. If you ride a boneshaker of a bicycle, see yourself driving a limousine instead! Right now that second class boneshaker is better than third class walking! Be clear about what you desire, see the new car with all its whistles and bells ... you get the idea!

Do you notice how some people take to luxury like a duck to water, see how they accept lavishness and extravagance with ease. This is because they feel worthy of it. If someone bought you an expensive gift then don't look awkward in accepting it, be thankful for it by all means and show gratitude, but do not fall to your knees in thankfulness. You must have a sense of self-worth and certainly shoot for the stars in what you want, but not after trying out those smaller test orders and building up to the larger ones first. 

Think about it, no one is going to come along and shove bundles of cash through your letterbox! You have to use the means to attracting the wealth, and in doing so it may be that you have to go about it in a roundabout way. Maybe you dream of opening a big business, but it cannot happen just like that. You have to start it off and build up to the BIG dream, but stay with it and never lose track of that dream because you will bet there in the end. Feel comfortable in thinking big, never listen to the negative people who put you down for having these big ideas.

Do you ever see big tycoon business people in the news mixing with losers? Of course not, usually you see pictures of successful people mixing with other successful people. So when someone is pulling you down, sapping your energy because they are what is known as a 'psychic vampire' then you have to close yourself down to them. They feed off you, and the more they do this then the more you become weakened in your resolve to be successful. How you go about shutting them out is to stop entering into conversation with them, stop answering their questions and eventually they will get the message.

Spend time with like-minded people, you will find you succeed even more at what you want to have happen. A group's dynamic is more powerful than that of an individual. The power created is in the unity and it has to do with attitude. However if you sense bad vibes within such a group then you may have a wolf in sheep's clothing amidst them, so do be careful. Learn, also, to give yourself some 'me' time, this is when you can go into yourself and find some valuable answers that you were not able to do when doing the everyday chores of life. This is when you can reinforce your desires and instill a more positive and Jedi confident outlook into your life.

Have a laugh, as to look at things too seriously can bring that high state of vibrational thought crashing down. Ensure you have time to spend relaxing and spend it with friends and family and forget about your desires for a while, and soon any miseries you have will disappear. Soon you will discover that having fun is far better than languishing in worried thought. However, if you discover yourself sliding back to the worries then correct yourself, speak to your higher self and seek out the positive words that come to you. See your new life happening and accept it with gratitude and continue working towards that goal. Know it will happen and it WILL happen.

You are the master of your own destiny, you control your life and it is in your absolute control. Stick to this control and you will find your new Jedi direction in a short time.

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