Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Friday, 15 July 2016

How To Really Become A Millionaire By Stephen Richards

I am Stephen Richards, a mind power professional. I will show you how to create abundance in an effortless way. I have successfully assisted many people to continuously create success by using mind power techniques. This is really just a way of using the power of your mind to manifest your desires, it's that simple.

Why is it that others just seem to come out of the proverbial brown stuff smelling of roses? They just seem to be sugar-coated with good luck! Wealth and abundance just seem to be on a conveyor belt for them. What sets them apart is their ability to use their mind more than you. They have an uncanny knack for manifesting their desires with what seems like little effort. Well now you don't have to be a wizard to make that happen in your own life, I will show you how you can think like a millionaire and become one. The truth is that everyone still wants to achieve success today more than ever.

Have you ever wanted to feel what starting the day out with an air of excitement and expectancy is like? Just think, what if you could do whatever you wanted? What if money were no object? That feeling of excitement as the new day starts would be so fantastic. What if I could show you how you can make that happen? By using the power of your mind and focusing on what you desire you can eventually secure that brand new life you have longed for. Fame, wealth, health and more can be yours ... but first let me show you the basic principles of it.

First you have to affirm your intentions to the universe, add some vigor and pep to your thought processes so that they work in getting you all what you desire. Believe it or not, this extra vitality you add to your thought process is heard by the universe, and it responds! Believe me, you have to be fearless, and be strong in your mind's desire to gain that success. A willingness to put this into action with some zap is all that is required.

The minute you want something and start thinking in a positive way about it is the exact time you are sending positive thoughts out about it. This is called 'manifesting', and it can be as a quiet thought or verbalized as loudly as you wish. However, do not go about it in a covert way, let others know what you desire and talk about it in a positive way. By no means should it rule your life, just let it simmer on the back burner.

Manifesting is about being able to visualize, being able to think and seeking the vibrational energy in that object. By virtue of your request you are pulling it to you. First you have to create it in your mind in a visual image, as thought. As you connect to it, send those positive thoughts out to the universe and it will be brought to you. If you have sufficient clarity of thought, it is likely that you will connect to and receive your exact desire.

Mix with others with similar ideas and viewpoints and soon you will see a more positive resonance to your thoughts, which adds the dimension of the group's energy to your thoughts. Do map out your desires; don't just throw them out to the universe without giving them some structure. Use positive words, leave out negative words.

Objects all around you and in the universe are radiating vibrations; this is also what is happening to your body and mind. You are emitting these oscillations that are taken notice of by the universe. So try to remain in an upbeat state of mind and good things will happen to you. Soon you will start to develop an innate skill at increasing these outputs as and when needed. You will then be able to use them in tandem with your thoughts when manifesting anything you desire, and in so doing will increase the chances of success. In order to shield yourself from negative vibrations, try to stay around people with similar states of mind.

Simply placing a wish and muttering a few words of intent under your breath is insufficient! You must direct your thoughts to the very core of the universe, or at least feel that you are doing so. Your wishes are not going to go very far if you just think of an item and wish for it. You have to apply your mind, send out those thoughts with words, either in your head or out aloud. Then you must believe fully.

Impatience is one of the biggest drawbacks to preventing your desire from happening. By stamping your feet or constantly asking "where is it?" and "when will it happen?" will only serve to block your wishes. What you are pursuing is not something that can be expedited simply by demanding it to appear before you. This falls to a higher skill, so just for now be patient. Move on to slightly larger wishes, a few a week if need be. But steady as she goes is best to start with.

Advanced mind power techniques can make you more adept at making things happen a little faster, but just for now concentrate on the smaller wishes first. These small wishes are called 'step orders', that is because they are a stepping stone to larger orders. Build up your confidence levels first. Many throw in the towel after a few tries, don't fall for it, stay with it and develop your skills and soon you will be a success.

Stay lucky.

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