Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Friday, 15 July 2016

Write, Talk Or Think Your Way To Success By Stephen Richards

Is it better to write about positive experiences or verbalize them? This is a recent question I was asked.

This reminded me of some work I had done in connection with analyzing positive events. We each go through ways to re-run events: thinking, writing and verbalizing.

I discovered by way of my own experimentation and on those around me that if positive experiences were written about then this did not add to the pleasure derived from the event!

Quite startlingly, I discovered that talking about positive experiences was not as rewarding as just thinking about them privately to yourself! That was a real learning curve for me and put my manifesting on a fast track to even more success, as all I did for a while was think of the success I had and how good it felt to achieve that. This gave me a real boost to my manifesting.


Well, as equally as good as thinking about positive experiences helped with manifesting, thinking about negative experiences reduced the feeling of triumph.

It was a killer, it brought the thinker down in vibrational output, and soon things began to look bleak in the overall picture of life's satisfaction.

However, I looked for a way around this, a way that would make you feel better, a way to drain off the bad experiences.

Voila! I came up with the answer. Again, with the help of a few willing volunteers I found that by getting them to write down these bad experiences or even talk about them increased their vibrational level and put things into perspective.

So hey, when the brown stuff hits the fan, talk about it...talking is good. Write it down, get it out of your system.
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