Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Thursday, 31 January 2013


I just love visiting farmers’ markets, all sorts of goodies are sold, and I always ensure I have had something to eat before I call there, or otherwise I would be coming back with bagfuls of calorie laden pastries and other eye-wateringly attractive home-made foods.

I love the cheese stall, such a bountiful sight! I take one of the free samples, taste it and skip off quickly in case I end up buying the whole stall! As I taste the cheese I am drawn into a world that is apart from the usual fast-selling mall shops and the likes. I have a penchant for gorgonzola; luckily they do not sell this type of cheese as it is laden with calories!

If I had not eaten before visiting the farmers’ market then my lizard brain would be screaming at me to get something to eat. It would scream, “Get it, get it!” I would not have a minute’s peace from it, but it has been sated and I am I glad of that as otherwise I would have to block it.

What is the lizard brain many of you may well ask? To put it simply, the lizard brain is purely concerned with survival. This is why we sometimes do irrational things when we are in a tight spot. The lizard brain - also known as the amygdala - is the primeval brain stem in our lower brain, where basic emotions function from. Call it a memory bank for emotions.

The reptilian brain sees something and reacts, simple as that. If we are hungry and it sees food, it wants it! Which is why it is always a good idea to eat before you go food shopping. If it sees a threat, it makes you run from it. If it sees an attractive person, it wants a date. There's nothing flash about it, this is why you react as you do in certain situations. These emotions from past events are stored in your emotional memory bank of the amygdala (lizard brain).

When you are in the grip of fear and without realising it, your almond shaped and same sized amygdala (lizard brain) inside of your head takes over your reactions. Neurochemicals are released like an avalanche into your nervous system, and at that point you are running on auto-pilot and not in full control of yourself! Your main senses are supercharged to the hilt; everything becomes so much more blown up.

The very basis of fear stems from a heightened state of anxiety, not unless, of course, it is a very real life threatening situation, and then you need to retain those particular fear emotion memories, as they serve to save your life.

There is good fear and bad fear, now we just need a way to stop the bad fear patterns from being stored or to be able empty them from the amygdala's memory banks. Now there is a way to do that, a very clever way that has been designed by me (Stephen Richards) ... it’s ‘Releasing You From Fear’ (audio CD). I use this myself, and it certainly works.

I don’t want to bore you with the details but you can find it on any Amazon site.


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As many of you know, I have been edging you forward to your desires for a number of years now. Some of you have taken to it like a duck to water while some of you are just going through the motions. You may well drive a flash car and live in a posh house, but are they all paid for? Living beyond your means in the pretend world is not what I had in mind for you when we started out.

You go to your graves riddled in debt, and what for ... looking flash without the cash is worthless! Do you know that in the US, over three-quarters of people driving luxury cars are living beyond their means! Yes!!

You may well be hiding where you came from, I mean your roots. If they, your roots, are steeped in poverty, so what! Look, if you were brought up in a poor man’s brand of drink and prefer that to this very day then don’t pretend you like expensive wine ... I actually I can’t stand many wines ... they taste like rust water! I must be a philistine, although I do now like some red wines!!

Live within your means; don’t be frightened to question a bill or a service charge. I live in a rather large house that has a high value, but I could be equally at home in s small shack (actually I do have one in a quiet location with not even an electricity supply). Drag my shack to the suburbs of London and it would be worth millions, but so what! Do I care? No! So long as I am happy. However, I also own a portfolio of rental properties worth millions! I drive a number of cars and work related vehicles, but I couldn’t even begin to tell you the values or how old some of these vehicles are ... as it is simply academic to me. So long as the vehicle is fit for the job then so what! 

Stash the cash and stop being flash if you want to give being wealthy a bash! The top brands of products are aimed at ordinary people. They give the illusion that by owning these things that you will become special and mesh with the wealthy! Rubbish!! 


In the US there are 1,138,070 millionaires living in properties worth less than a quarter of a million pounds sterling! People value their home first, income ranks second and wealth ranks third. But to get that home when you are on a knife edge of the economy is pointless! You are tied to debt and a treadmill existence in terms of eking out a living.


Get off the consumer treadmill! We can change the direction of our lives, we are not on a path we cannot change ... we are very much in control of our lives. This is a comforting thought, I believe. I would not like to think I was not in control of the direction my life will take. In a culture of hyper-consumption, the advertising industry has brainwashed many people into believing they can raise their status just by driving a particular brand of whatever car they are pushing at you.

I have not bought a new vehicle for a number of years, what is the point if the one I have is running fine? I am happy with the paraphernalia in my house, so why should I add to it? Without realising it, my bank balance is actually higher these last few years than it has ever been. I have reached a point of contentment; I do not need to fill my life with chattels that serve no purpose. I gain my wealth from helping others, and that means you. So the next time someone says your car is looking old, don’t be tempted to go out and buy a newer model, tell them you are happy with it. If you are offered brandy when you really want a soft drink then tell them so. Be yourself and become wealthy!

I know a lot of wealthy people, and yet not many of them drive a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari! However, I know a lot of poor people on the verge of bankruptcy driving Bentleys!


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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Author Withdraws The Cosmic Ordering Wish Book 2013 Due To It Being Too Sacred

Only weeks after it was first published, The Cosmic Ordering Wish Book 2013 has been withdrawn by the publisher at the request of self-help author Stephen Richards. Citing too much negativity within the ether as the author's reason, the publisher, Mirage Publishing, was also concerned that internet book sellers such as Waterstone's were ignoring official bibliographic information and were burying the book under obscure search results such as "Humour" as well as Amazon being too slow to order enough in to supply customer demand for orders.

A spokesperson for Mirage Publishing said, "At this time of year there are all sorts of ploys used by larger publishers to muscle in on sales, even resorting to posting negative reviews on rival titles. It is a well known fact that the larger internet retailers want to do away with the smaller publishers so that they can take their share of the market by giving incentives to authors to publish with them instead. We also took into account the author's request that The Cosmic Ordering Wish Book 2013 be withdrawn for other reasons personal to him. By withdrawing the book we feel it is taking a positive step in the direction of limiting methods currently being employed by some book sellers."

Stephen Richards added a comment at late notice in which he said, "I feel that the memory of the author of the original title was of sufficient importance for me to show respect. The late Barbel Mohr spent much of her time in giving her knowledge to others. I felt that there was just too much negativity about for sufficient respect to be shown to her memory. So many had come to love and follow her over the years. Maybe if there is sufficient change in people for later this year then there might be a 2014 edition of The Wish book, but we'll have to see."

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