Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Author Withdraws The Cosmic Ordering Wish Book 2013 Due To It Being Too Sacred

Only weeks after it was first published, The Cosmic Ordering Wish Book 2013 has been withdrawn by the publisher at the request of self-help author Stephen Richards. Citing too much negativity within the ether as the author's reason, the publisher, Mirage Publishing, was also concerned that internet book sellers such as Waterstone's were ignoring official bibliographic information and were burying the book under obscure search results such as "Humour" as well as Amazon being too slow to order enough in to supply customer demand for orders.

A spokesperson for Mirage Publishing said, "At this time of year there are all sorts of ploys used by larger publishers to muscle in on sales, even resorting to posting negative reviews on rival titles. It is a well known fact that the larger internet retailers want to do away with the smaller publishers so that they can take their share of the market by giving incentives to authors to publish with them instead. We also took into account the author's request that The Cosmic Ordering Wish Book 2013 be withdrawn for other reasons personal to him. By withdrawing the book we feel it is taking a positive step in the direction of limiting methods currently being employed by some book sellers."

Stephen Richards added a comment at late notice in which he said, "I feel that the memory of the author of the original title was of sufficient importance for me to show respect. The late Barbel Mohr spent much of her time in giving her knowledge to others. I felt that there was just too much negativity about for sufficient respect to be shown to her memory. So many had come to love and follow her over the years. Maybe if there is sufficient change in people for later this year then there might be a 2014 edition of The Wish book, but we'll have to see."

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  1. Will you be releasing a 2014 Wish Book? I have the 2013 one & it's been one of my most useful tools in Cosmic Ordering (alongside following you on Facebook & becoming a Wealth Angel).

  2. Moondial, thank you. Sorry, that was the only edition. Nothing planned for the future ...