Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Live The Life Of Your Dreams With The Cosmic Ordering Wish Book 2013 By Stephen Richards

The Cosmic Ordering Wish Book 2013 By Stephen Richards
To create abundance, you need to shift from the daydreamer perspective to a positive "I can" thought process. You will need to release the habitual routines that rule everyday life. Your thoughts and feelings need to be closely monitored at all times, feeding them positive energy. Finally, you must believe that you have the power to co-create your future, changing and improving your life. 

WIthin this book, "The Cosmic Ordering Wish Book 2013" By Stephen Richards, you will find you are able to exert more control over your life, and as a consequence you will find you are living a smoother life in 2013.

The Cosmic Ordering Wish Book 2013 is jam-packed with powerful resources such as key symbols relating to dates which are best for:
  • Career change
  • Abundance manifestation
  • Changing behavioural patterns
  • Create harmomy within your family life
  • Fortify your health and vitality
  • Build new love relationships
  • Find peace and forgiveness
  • Best times for unwinding
Wishlist Turbocharge Dates
There are also "Wishlist Turbocharge"dates where you can connect with the collective consciousness of those desiring change.

Wishlist Supercharge Dates
Additionally there will be "Wishlist Supercharge" dates where you can be empowered to make some enlightened decision-making and stimulate your intuition in what has been deemed a perfect day and time for this to happen.

Lunar Dates
There are also lunar dates for you to use in helping you manifest your desires.

Diary Pages
There are the usual diary pages for you to journal your thoughts.  

There is so much more in this book, even pages for you to log your Cosmic Orders to keep track of them. There is even an "Orders Fulfilled Table", "Gratitude Sheet" and more. Text includes pages on how to place life-changing Orders and tips and tricks to get you into the manifestation zone.

Obtain your copy of this paperback book from any good 
internet seller or bookshop by just quoting the title.

Copyright Stephen Richards

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