Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Read Survival Omens And Avoid Danger By Stephen Richards

Have you ever had an omen, dream or a premonition that something bad was going to happen and it came true? I was rather intrigued by this notion, as some many believe that whatever you think about is what can actually happen.Generally going, we have millions of flashes of thoughts per day, maybe even billions.

When there are omens and signs in your regular dreams, and you see bits and pieces of events like a jigsaw puzzle, little by little, until you feel you know what is going to happen, do you sit up and take notice or just ignore them?

Time has no real meaning; perhaps you can see events several years before they occur. As you get older you may find these premonitions increasing to a knowing when major events like death will occur and to whom it could happen, especially accidents.  Were there times when you would try to forewarn people beforehand? Dealing with the burden of knowing things are going to happen is not a fun emotion. There is usually a physical toll after the occurrence comes to fruition.

The “what you think is what you get” theory of the law of attraction has been taken wholly out of context and warped into something more sinister by so many! The original source of the theory is based on: what you “focus” on is what you get! But rather like how religion uses scare tactics to get their followers to toe the line, so it was that someone contorted something that is a very beautiful ideology into something that is akin to witchcraft!

Briefly thinking of the “worst” does not carve that notion in stone! Focusing on it and dwelling on it, though, does create some “catastrophic vibrational negativity”, which in  a nutshell is when you dwell on negative thoughts and allow them to take over your life and pull you down, this is when you can set off a chain reaction of negative events, and then the phrase “I have nothing but bad luck” pulls even more negativity to the source ... YOU!

Sometimes we get flashes of images, from that we have a feeling something is about to happen to someone or someone you know is going to be involved in certain events. There are different ways to see the future, some more useful and more accurate than others.

There is what is called divination; things like Runes, Tarot, I Ching, scrying, casting of bones and the likes.

Then there is channeling, which is all about receiving messages from third parties ... such as: disembodied entities, aliens and so on.
Precognition is another way, which simply put is a vision of a future event.

Anyone had any psychic reading done for them or even practicing it will know it is another way of looking into the future. It is done in various ways but the most common ways are being connected to your Higher Self or communicating with spirits.

Focusing on looking deeper into premonitions as a source of signaling to us that something is on the horizon in terms of a future happening, this is a gift we all have and, without the use of divination, channeling, precognition or psychic reading, is something that we can sense as a gut feeling that something willhappen.

What if you had the gut feeling that tomorrow a particular set of circumstances that were tied in with something you were planning on doing was going to result in something bad happening? wouldn’t you want to BE alerted over it so that you could do something about it so as to avoid the bad thing from happening? The problem though is that many of us go against those “gut” feelings of premonition and go ahead with something that might be doomed?

If we knew beforehand that tragedy was going to happen,  would we be able to bend that tragedy away from us? What, though, if it were too late for you to save yourself or someone? Whjat if that event is already something that has happened and that we are simply re-enacting events?

What if all the bad things you have premonitions over might happen, but don’t have to happen? What if you could turn a negative premonition into a positive one? For instance, you have the gut feeling that tomorrow you will come into some money. What if that never happened, would you feel bad? Maybe! So would you still want to know the future even if you knew you were going to feel bad about it?

Premonitions can range from the very vaguest of feelings to the strongest of suspicions! Many dismiss any such premonition as being nothing more than happening by luck or by chance. However, there is compelling evidence which shows that such things are real and true and happen to people all the time.

Each of us, no doubt, can think back to a time when we had feelings or thoughts about an engagement or meeting we were due to attend. Most of the time we dismissed these feelings or thoughts. Perhaps you had the fleetingest of feelings that something good or bad was going to happen, and it turned out to be right or accurate or true in some way.

Can premonitions actually be proven to exist? Well, after my own research the answer turns out that it can. How can it be proven? All it requires is a study of what people do or don’t do, in large enough numbers or great enough detail.

If we look at the incidence of train crashes with a correlation of the volume of passengers on any given day, it shows that on the days when there were accidents, the number of passengers on the train was significantly less than usual.

One way or another, when trains were due to crash there were a lot of people avoiding those trains in one way or another. They had had premonitions of some sort!

The sinking of the Titanic is a very well-known disaster. When the ship set sail it was just over half full. In the weeks prior to her sailing, over 40 percent of the passenger capacity was abandoned. Even one of the shifts of the ship’s stokers missed the sailing, and this was a much publicized sailing! The ship was nearly half empty and without a full crew?

It has been claimed that John had premonitions that he would be shot. Asked on the reason The Beatles broke up he replied, “We were not bored and certainly did not run out of songs. I was paranoid about somebody trying to bump us off." When he heard that the Beatle's former road manager had been shot dead by Los Angeles police, he said over and over again, “I'm next, I know it.”

A small Welsh village suffered an unbearable loss when a hill of coal waste turned almost into liquid mud through constant rain slid down and buried the village school, killing 28 adults and 116 children.
Grief counselors found that for two weeks prior to the accident people had feelings of depression, feelings of gasping or choking, children running and screaming, and visions of coal dust and black clouds.
History is replete with an astonishing number of accounts of individuals who accurately predicted the manner and time of their own deaths, sometimes down to the exact minute.   NBA PISTOL PETE

In 1988, NBA star Pistol Pete Maravich, at the age of 40, dropped down dead from a heart attack. We have to go way, way back to 1974 when Pistol Pete said, “I don't want to play 10 years in the NBA and die of a heart attack at age 40.” Well, after starting to play pro ball for exactly 10 years he died of a heart attack at age 40. Was Pistol Pete’s premonition just coincidence?

In the case of Carole Lombard, both her mother and a famous psychic, Jeanne Dixon, urged her not to fly. Yet, even though she had had a premonition of a friend's death on the day he died many years before, her own determination to return to her love Clark Gable meant she ignored the warnings. She died in a crash in January 1942.

THE CASE OF SPEED KING DONALD CAMPBELLLand and water speed record holder Donald Campbell was killed on 4 January 1967 when Bluebird K7 flipped and disintegrated at a speed in excess of 300 mph (480 km/h).

Why was I so interested in this man and his record breaking feats? I wanted to find out how far a premonition could actually go in becoming reality. You see, Donald had a premonition of his death when in playing card games the night before he died he turned up the ace of spades and later the queen of spades.   "Mary Queen of Scots turned up the same combination of cards," Campbell told chief mechanic Leo Villa, "and from it she knew she was going to be beheaded. I know that one of my family is going to get the chop. I pray to God it is not me."   Villa said Donald told him while waiting for the water of the lake to calm that he turned up the queen of spades.

I travelled to Ullswater (English Lake District in the north west of England) and stayed in the exact same hotel where Donald Campbell held press conferences when he formerly broke the water speed record on Ullswater in July 1955 when his boat hit 202.32mph! The hotel now has a room dedicated to the record holder and there is a plethora of newspaper cuttings and other paraphernalia on display.
I also travelled out on Lake Ullswater in a boat; a rather large boat that held up to 250 people, although on the day I went out it was, agreeably to me, less than full. I wanted to get a feel for the man’s vibrational messages he had left behind. I then travelled to the fateful location of Lake Coniston where Donald met his untimely end on January 4, 1967.


Donald Campbell’s jet-propelled speedboat flipped at 310mph while running the hydroplane Bluebird on the final stretch of a speed run at Lake Coniston where several of his records were previously set. The jet-powered craft suddenly flipped through the air. It somersaulted and plunged back into the lake, nose first. The boat then cartwheeled across the water before coming to rest. The impact broke Bluebird forward of the air intakes (where Donald was sitting) and the main hull sank shortly afterwards. Campbell had been killed instantly.

Campbell's last words on his final run were, via radio intercom:

“Pitching a bit down here...Probably from my own wash...Straightening up now on track...Rather close to Peel Island...Tramping like mad...er... Full power...Tramping like hell here... I can't see much... and the water's very bad indeed...I can't get over the top... I'm getting a lot of bloody row in here... I can't see anything... I'm going.... oh....”

The cause of the crash has been variously attributed to Campbell not waiting to refuel after doing a first run of 297.6mph (478.9 km/h), and hence the boat being lighter; the wash caused by his first run and made much worse by the use of the water brake fitted to Bluebird; and, possibly, a cut-out of the jet engine caused by fuel starvation.

On Thursday 8 March 2001, Bluebird was recovered from Coniston Water where she had lain since the 4 January 1967. Campbell had broken the world water speed record seven times in 10 years when the accident happened.

On Monday 28 May 2001 it was announced that human remains had been recovered from Coniston Water and it was believed they were the remains of Donald Campbell. This was confirmed in August. The funeral took place on Wednesday 12 September in foul wet weather even by Coniston standards.

I must admit, all the signs I picked on were that Donald was underfunded and just keen to get it over and done with so that his premonition didn’t have time to come true. Yet it was the very fear of the premonition that spooked him into setting straight off for the second of the two timed runs on Coniston. It was the very fear of the premonition that was to be Donald’s undoing.

If you want to do more research then do a search on Google  for "foresaw own death"..."prophesized own death" and "predicted own death." The results are extraordinary. You will find literally thousands of instances when individuals predicted the exact time and manner of their deaths.

Premonition is a continual factor in the lives of everyone. The trick, as ever, is learning to recognize it and then, having done that, to listen and act upon it. Many people have saved their own lives like this. Many more could have done so if they had not overridden it.

The fact is, premonitions make can actually make some feel nervous about friendships because they are afraid to get close to people in case they jinx them. Well, let me assure you ... you can tell some people until you are blue in the face and they will still go ahead and do whatever it is they are going to, regardless of your warnings.

My own premonitions of other people come in the guise of images, but I am able to filter the negative ones out and just see the good images. Hence surrounding myself and others with positive vibes. So don’t be afraid to tackle these premonitions and change them to being good ones. Don’t be swayed by the fact that a premonition is carved in stone. Many people are dubious about premonitions. They are skeptical and rightly so. Personally I believe that premonitions ARE very real phenomena. Use them to foretell of a good day ahead.

Don’t take premonitions to mean literally what you feel they are about. Premonitions are not just about forewarning of danger! They can also predict good things happening!

If the premonition is to do with a health crisis or death or is spiritual, highly vivid, or seems sincere and is associated with physical symptoms or if the premonition is experienced independently by a spouse, partner, lover or close friend then do pay more heed to it than usual. Warnings between parents and children, spouses, siblings (particularly identical twins), close friends, and lovers are extremely common and should be listened to.

Although we cannot have premonitions on demand, we can invite them into our lives by setting the stage for them, so they are more likely to occur. We can become more premonition-prone and use premonition power to our advantage. How can we do this? We can do this by developing a discipline of quietening our mind and attending to the subtle messages from within and without by virtue of meditation and becoming immersed in nature. By doing this we can develop brain-heart synchrony and receive information a few seconds before the actual message. The human body has the ability to anticipate its future emotional state by reacting moments before the actual event itself. It is as though we have the power to be subliminally primed for a future event.

The power of premonition can be heightened through practice and use. We are all made of energy; our output is in waves of energy. Allow your blinkered spiritual vision to be cast aside, see yourself and others as energy waves that can meet and interact at all times and under all circumstances. By sending loving thoughts to people around you, you will be able to ensure everyone knows you are positive, hence you have created your future. When I am working on projects or with others I meet with on business I charge myself up with love and it then rubs off onto them. I watch their reactions to gauge the strength of the loving energy I have sent out to them.

Create a premonition of protection and protect yourself from negative energy by infusing the space around you with bright white light. Practice seeing this light as strong and unconquerable. Be thankful and grateful as often as you can. The sense of thankfulness conditions the space around you, which in turn increases your psychic power. Finally, to add more to your day, surround yourself with happy, positive people.

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