Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Saturday, 22 December 2012

To Get Rich You Have To First Apply Some Effort By Stephen Richards

Being health conscious these days is very much in the news, and yet if you are wealthy then you are penalized for it by being classed as elitist. Of course, you have to get wealthy before you get to wear this tag.

Becoming wealthy is only about one thing ...
Once your health is running smoothly then you can afford the luxury of becoming wealth conscious. Yes I know, there are just too many chores for you to get through in the day, so you have no time for yourself. Hey, I juggle all the chores of life amongst what other things I do, and I still find time. So don’t let the chores in your life stop you becoming wealth conscious.

I get many, many emails asking me to resolve money problems for people, and when I look to see what they have done, usually very little, it does make me feel that they are using me as a shortcut. However, once in a while I do get a call for help that is deserved of a solid reply.

I received such an email from Helen, yes she was asking for monetary help, but she listed everything she had tried and all her past history, which must have taken some putting together in her long and detailed email. I was more than pleased to set her on the road to riches.

Take a leaf out of Helen’s book, try to do something for yourself before passing the buck to someone else, you have to live your own life, you cannot do it through others.

If you are not prepared to help yourself then you cannot expect others to come rushing to your aid, you have to apply some conscious effort. Then when you hit a brick wall and are stuck, that is the time to ask for help.

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