Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Wishbook Resource By Stephen Richards

This Wish Book by Stephen Richards is an excellent way to track your wishes and keep focused on them. Writing down your Cosmic Orders in this Wish Book helps you know what it is you want and helps you reaffirm those desires. Writing it down turns it into a solid contract between you and the Cosmos. This is not a methoid for placing Cosmic Orders, it is a way to track them and to become discplined in your mind.
This is supplied with comprehensive instructions on how to lay out the working mechanism that will help you succeed. Once your book is set up you can begin filling it.
You can even stick things in this book or even actually type up and print out sheets and stick them in, the choice is yours … it is YOUR book. 

When you create in your journal frequently, it helps to keep you in that frame of mind. Experiment in how you apply your thoughts, use it wisely and it will pay big dividends.

This is a real book with glossy, hardwearing cover. The 200 pages (100 sheets) within are ruled lines so as to allow setting out, etc. The image you see above is on the front cover. The book width is 150mm, height is 210mm. The binding is gold coloured spiral bound.

Click here to find out details of how you can obtain a copy of this.

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