Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Self-Help Author Stephen Richards - A Day In His Life

Self-Help Author Stephen Richards
When I wake up I don’t get straight out of bed. I sit up, rest my back so it’s straight and take a deep breath. I concentrate on my breathing – this is mindfulness. I then continue taking in deep breaths. That is all I focus on. Once I’ve fully focused on 20 complete breaths without my mind wandering then I get up. This energizes me for the start of the day.

After I have showered, etc I take 10 deep breaths and sing out my affirmations. Those affirmations are relating to what I’m going to do that day.

Here’s an example:

“I’m going to be viewing a property, and that property is mine.”

I then spend between 15 minutes and 30 minutes meditating, just emptying my mind.

Breakfast is wholemeal porridge (oats) with a sprinkling of cinnamon and dried berries. It allows a slow release of energy during the course of the day. I have a glass of pure fruit juice and a herbal tea. Now I’m charged and ready for action and I thank the day for what it will bring and for those loving and kind people I will meet that day. That’s my Cosmic Order. Yes, I know for many that they have to go through a different routine, but I Cosmic Order on the fly (on the move).
My mind is focused and I am aware of what is going on around me. It’s amazing how many people just bumble along without this awareness!

I jot down my goals for the day. Here’s an example list:

•    Complete session at gym.
•    Meet up with real estate agent (in the UK it is an estate agent) to view property I am interested in buying.
•    Check emails and reply to the ones needing immediate attention. Put those that need an answer within 24 hours in separate “to do” folder.
•    Confirm venue has been booked by my PA for short Cosmic Ordering course I am running in nearby town.
•    Print out and double-check my running order for the course.
•    Clear away any outstanding business from the day before.
•    Check with my PA that files have been sent to printer for book I am publishing for one of my authors.
•    Ensure my webmaster is available for planned meeting over working lunch.
•    Speak with my production team on audio production matters.
•    Check in with my publicist, Jane, that she received blog posts for various web sites I supply.
•    Chase up my plumber for gas safety certificates for some of my properties he is maintaining.
•    Check new startup company I am running is on target for production side of things.
•    Meet up with accountant to discus taxation matters.
•    Check in with neighbor to find out what time he wants a lift with wardrobe he asked me to help him move.

I manage to get through a rather grueling session at the gym. At times I apply 110 percent, this is one of those days I seem to have unlimitless energy. The porridge has helped me retain some energy for after the workout. During the workout I spend some time focusing on the rest of the day, it helps get me over the hardest bits of my workout. I find if I, at times, focus on other things then I don’t notice the pain as much.

From there I meet up with a real estate agent (sometimes called real estate brokers) to view property I am interested in. One of my current tenants is living in a two bedroom property I own, but they want to upsize to a three bed-roomed property because of a change in circumstances. Usually I would not go out of my way to invest in a new property in this way, but the tenant is one of my long term ones and I have known her since she was a baby.

The property is a three bedroom upstairs flat, quite spacious but dated in its d├ęcor. To some this may be off-putting but not to me. It means I am going to be able to design it to the needs of the prospective tenant, and of course the price is good.

Looking around the place I already can work out what needs spending, and I deduct the costs from the asking price and make my offer to the real estate agent. Because I’m a property developer/investor, real estate agents love me. I don’t mean they literally love me, I mean they like it because they know that if I say I’m going to buy the place then it is going to go through without any hiccups.

I’m back at the computer to check on emails that need my attention. My PA has a big pile of important emails waiting for me to answer and a list of things she wants me to attend to. When I say my PA has a list of things for me to do, I mean exactly that. These are very important things she has listed that need my immediate attention.

One thing she has listed is some information that is outstanding that I need to supply to a TV company (one of Sky’s channels). They want details of questions they can ask about certain subjects on one of their channels. Actually it’s the presenter himself asking me to provide back-up questions for him to ask on his TV show. I’ve already made a mental list of the questions so list them and get them sent off to him.

I had a response to the short course I mentioned in a Cosmic Ordering newsletter that I would run if enough potential delegates wanted to attend. I discuss the venue with my PA and go over the room plan, items I will need and that the suite at the hotel where this is running has been booked. It’s only a short course, but 18 people are attending – mostly from my area as it’s easy for them to travel to.

I go through my new power points and running order for the course and give my PA the details of break times, etc so she can get them off to the delegates attending.

What’s left from the day before gets cleared away now. I have to be on the ball here as otherwise I get mind chatter over anything outstanding. By focusing on my breathing to quiet and strengthen my mind I get more control over my thoughts.
Of course the mind chatter is easy to park up, but it can be a distraction so best get things out of the way instead of putting them off.

I find a quiet 10 minutes and drift off into a meditative state to clear my mind and re-focus on my goals for the day. I then write a proactive statement about myself and a “wish list” for the rest of the day. I again give thanks for all what is happening and for those around me working so hard to make things happen in a good way. I have learned to master my thoughts so that I can be a closer companion to the seat of universal consciousness within me. I create a power image within my mind and I’m charged up once more.

I check all is going to plan with a book I am publishing for an established author of mine. I run through the main points with my PA and ensure we are on target for the publication date.

I check with my PA that my webmaster Mike has been booked for a working lunch with me and then I’m off to meet with him. We meet in a Spanish restaurant. The food is good and the ideas we bounce off each other are taking shape. By the end of lunch we both leave with notes that we have each jotted down.

I’m now on my way to meet with my team about audio production matters. There’s so much to do behind the scenes in that particular industry, and I must admit that it took me some time to get used to the terminology used within it. The meeting lasts for nearly an hour, and during that time we have addressed number of matters and I leave with another list of things for me to do. My production manager, Rob, is as sharp as they come and we also have some banter about the way the internet has changed publishing in such a big way.

I get a call from an old friend of mine, an ex-radio presenter now running his own company. He asks me to place a Cosmic Order for him so as to have a successful business meeting with a potential new client. We also arrange a meet-up to catch up on things. I ensure I write the date down as it’s so easy to think you can hold these things to the short-term memory, and then you forget. So rather than forget I make sure the date is put in my diary so I call my PA straightaway to do this. I don’t leave such important matters until they become forgotten memories.

Now I’m on my way to see my publicist, Jane. Jane wanted some blog posts written by me for inclusion on some web sites that other people own. I had been requested to do some writing on the law of attraction. It’s surprising how many of my pieces are in so many blogs belonging to other people on the web. Jane looks after my publicist interests and is always working so conscientiously on my behalf.

After this meeting I ensure that my “wish list” for the day is working out and that I am still proactive in what I wrote out earlier in the day.

I get a phonecall from the real estate agent of the property I viewed earlier in the day. They tell me that my offer on the has been accepted. I call Alan my financial advisor and go through the details with him, he gives me the green light and it’s all systems go … another property is added to my portfolio (well in about 6-8 weeks when the paperwork is eventually completed for conveying the property over to me and all the necessary checks are done).

My PA books an appointment (a phone appointment as we just have to go through the merest of formalities as we, my attorney and I, are both aware of what is necessary for the property purchase to be legally finalized) with my attorney (in the UK it’s a solicitor).

My solicitor and I exchange pleasantries more than we talk about the property purchase. I give him the details of the property and know that I can leave the conveyance of this property in his capable and safe hands. I feel that the proactive statement I wrote earlier in the day to bring about change certainly worked!

I give thanks for all the good that has happened and as drive to the new start-up company (it’s 6 months old) to check how things are going I make a mental note to say a very special thanks that night for all the help everyone has given me.

On the way there I notice something brown slowly moving on the road. It’s only small, some kind of animal! I pull over and discover that it’s a tortoise! I know that it must have got out of someone’s garden as they (a tortoise) are protected or something like that, can’t recall what but know someone will be concerned over it going missing.

With tortoise in hand I start knocking on doors and the second door I knocked on was where it lived. I discovered that the tortoise was called Boris and he was over 20 years old. Boris’ keeper was so overwhelmed with joy that I had brought him back safely.

“You naughty boy,” said the woman, “what would we do without you,” as she clutched him close to her and gave him a kiss on his shell.

“It’s odd,” I thought to myself as I drove to my fledgling company, “we each have our own special things in life, yet not all of these special things are based around wealth.”
I made a mental note to ensure I included that in this blog.

I arrived at the unit where my fledgling company is based and it was a hive of activity, although I only presently employ two people there. There were two people collecting things, and John (one of my workers) was on the phone talking to a customer. So I just stood back and took it all in. I recalled some eight or nine months earlier I had this idea, and here now I was seeing it in action!

I felt really good, well even better than I had been feeling. I always feel good inside, and seeing this sort of thing in action running so smoothly gave me cause to say “thanks for all of this” under my breath.

John was now off the phone, we shook hands, as I always make a point of valuing people and showing respect. I recall how I took John on, he had been out of work for quite some time and had all but given up on finding a job.

I recalled interviewing what seemed like hundreds of people for the two positions I had on offer at the new company. Don’t get me wrong, they all had impressive resumes but I just didn’t fully connect with them. Then along came John, I immediately connected with him when he said, “All I want to do is make it happen!” Well that resonated with my Cosmic Ordering side, in fact I thought it was some sort of diving message in code to me. I didn’t even bother reading John’s resume. I said, “The job’s yours.”

Talk about gratitude, he took my hand and nearly shook my arm off! I have to say, John is worth his weight in gold and he’s a real diamond in the rough.

John finished updating me on progress and now I was headed to see my accountant. I have a regular meet with him, as he knows all these fancy words and shows me graphs about cash flow and so on. I must admit, we spend a lot of time talking about other matters, such as how some companies are finding it tough or how this or that business is one to watch out for in terms of it growing.

When we finish our meeting I call my plumber to see if he’s finalized the gas safety checks on a number of my properties … and he has. He’s another diamond in the rough. I tell him he hasn’t billed me for the last few jobs and he laughs and says, “I think I can trust you not to run away and not pay me.”

Well that’s enough for now, if you want to read more then please contact me to let me know and I’ll write part 2.

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