Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Implanted Code For Our Lives Is In Us All By Stephen Richards

Over the last seven days I have learned something quite profound! Something happened that drew me to my deepest part within ... yet it took something so simple to reveal those hidden depths!
Jacky The Cosmic Jackdaw
There is a fundamental worth we all hold within every one of us! Sometimes it takes a “near death” experience for people to change, and I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. We all like to think there is a little left in the reserve tanks for us to change for the better, but it’s never at the right time! Some say that within each one of us is an implanted code that paves the path our lives will take, regardless of whatever should happen. So many blame others for the state their lives are in, but if that is the case then life is simply an illusion!  

Mankind travelled the path of civilized society only a few thousand years ago, yet nature has been on this path for millions of years! The core of this civilization has been to go forth and conquer, to exercise dominion over earth and its creatures. People the world over are enduring hardship … earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear leaks, death storms, water shortages, wars, famines, pestilence, civil chaos and heading towards what many believe is an apocalyptic decline!

We live in a so-called democracy, believing those we have charged with our care will indeed act in our favor, but the banks, governments and the elite corporations continue an exploitive charge that is leading in a direction that many of us can now see for ourselves to be loaded with the bullion of chaos!

What Age Is A Landmark In Your Life?

Many people believe that a landmark in their lives happens when they reach a certain age: 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and if they are lucky … 100 ! That is how they mark the passage of time and what their lives have meant! Each of those years they have lived learning them valuable lessons.

We learn:  Man cannot live on love alone.You cannot buy happiness. Success isn’t just about how much money you can make.  For things to happen in our lives we must embrace change. Contributing to society is the best we can do in life to show how much we care. Health is to be valued more than anything else.Goods and chattels are mere trinkets. What you work at in life is not the be  all and end all of everything.Following our original dreams is what really matters.Those close to us really matter. Whether you are a king or pauper then what does it really matter. Emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy and the likes are wasted.We are not the centre of the universe and all does not revolve around us.Freedom exists in our minds.The moment is what we live for.Fear is just a concept of the mind. We can change without conflict. We are not perfect.Suffering is all around us in many different guises.Self-doubt is not worth dying over.Being honest is important. Trying to work it all out is an endless task!

Jacky the Cosmic Jackdaw - The Essence of Life

And then I look at Jacky the Cosmic Jackdaw and feel and sense the essence life! The obstacles we have to overcome melts away. The incoherence of those in power is diminished. A sense of oneness prevails and that forgiveness of ourselves is essentially the way to absolve the wrongs we have done.

The care we put in to those around us overshadows the care we should put into ourselves, our lives are overloaded with burdens that we create for ourselves.

We are all too fast to rebuke ourselves for the wrongs we have done, we apply ourselves to those around us before we even consider ourselves. Yet not in a caring way that merits reward or attention so as to make us worthy of consideration even for a kind thought from others. We are too quick to turn on ourselves when we have made a mistake! And there is the answer to it all ...  it is within our hearts! We cannot judge ourselves or punish ourselves because we have not lived up to our expectations!

By accepting the things we cannot change as being beyond our control and also by working at what we can change being within our control gives us the wisdom to know the difference between the two extremes of both positive and negative of the same element. By focusing our attention to our own burdens we lose focus on what is really important. Painful thoughts, stress and lack of joy robs us of the fundamental underlying learning from the journey we are all on.

During this time with Jacky I have been able to refocus my attention and see a shift in my thinking. Many people do not know how to move away from the painful hurts of what has often dogged their lives! These thoughts are responsible for bogging many people down, and yet externally they look no different than the rest of us!

A release of emotion is what can free you from these difficult feelings ... to be the object of another’s love is one of the greatest privileges we can enjoy. Man’s attraction to what does not yet make sense has a grounding in our childhood. We start out by not fully understanding what is around us, just like how Jacky started out. The mystical nature of communication allows us to secure our needs. We cry out for food and it is given. We cry out for warmth and it is given. We cry out for love and it is given. That is how simple it all starts out as! Whatever we want in this modern world we get.

The Mystical Nature Of Life! 

Then as we grow older, doubt sets in and stops us securing those very things we could once manifest with ease. The mystical nature of life ceases to be the magic we once accepted it to be.

We then find the power others has a hold over us. It becomes a tool with drastic consequences, and then we have lost our grip on life. Often the full costs of what we desire does not become apparent until sometime later, when the cost is the power other people have over our own lives.

Imagine starting out life and having all of your needs met, you learn the simple language of manifesting your desires. Then as you get older you find the will of others being exerted upon you, even allowing your own happiness to be vacuumed away because you give up on your own dreams.

Few learn the second language of manifesting their desires, bringing a kind of power that the current one does not have. Many find themselves back at square one, where they have to learn the art of manifesting all over again … yet the sense of powerlessness can be quite profound at times. That is what I have learned from working with Jacky, that learning how to manifest for many is like a foreign language to them. Yet they were born with it! This new language of manifesting is akin to being a pre-lingual child, but is a time when all the universe is at one’s command!

The once forgotten language of the child is lost, where one commands this all-knowing, all-caring ability to produce food, love and comfort, and the likes. To be able to evoke such a world at will is lost to the adult! To transport oneself into it at will is magical.

In order to see where we have gone wrong as adults we need to go back to a pre-lingual state - a state in which a child is loved unconditionally and cared for unceasingly by a parent who utters mystical things. How people are affected by such experiences, though, might differ with their temperaments and by their own childhood experiences. This is what working with Jacky the Cosmic Jackdaw has shown me!

I have noticed that Jacky is intrigued by all that moves. He looks most intently at moving objects. It is as if the motion itself has a kind of magical meaning to him. It is as if nature has given him a special kind of instinct for observing motion in a special way. This is exactly what many trying to manifest things within their lives fail at, they fail to focus with intent.

Jacky will survive by continuing to master the skills he is developing, yet we humans expect miracles from hardly any effort. Just as Jacky has a language to communicate with the universe, so have we humans.

I can see fully now where many are going wrong, there is a kind of innate laziness combined with an ever -looking to make things even easier attitude.  Many want all of the benefits of manifesting without the work.

It is ever the case that one person will know some useful thing that another does not know. Humans wish to transcend the constraints of mortals yet are not willing to apply the effort. The universe is much bigger than our own understanding. However, in order to get near enough to our pre-lingual notion of that concept we have to start all over again, ridding ourselves of the emotional hang-ups we have burdened ourselves with. By doing this we can create our desires in a way we would not otherwise be able to do.

Many have lost touch with the mystical part that is still willing to allow us to manifest our desires. Our pre-lingual state came before we learned the language of fear, hate, anger, stress, resentment, jealousy, shame, embarrassment, self-limiting beliefs, feeling worthless, lack of self-esteem, control, abandonment, loneliness, joblessness, hopelessness, feeling unloved, neglect, punishment, blame, abuse, insecurity, violation, distrust and a million more things like this!

So now you know what you have to clear away to get back on track, which is something I learned from a recued jackdaw over a period of seven days! A valuable lesson I would say.

Copyright Stephen Richards

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