Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Deflecting Psychic Vampires By Stephen Richards

Being constantly alert is a near impossible thing to accomplish! So it is natural that you get hooked by a stranger some time or another. What do I mean by ‘hooked’? Well these hooks may be from people you know well or from complete strangers, they rapidly drain your energy.

There are times when I go out and sense someone pass me by and I get this feeling that something is trying to drain my energy from me. Though I pass by many people, thousands in fact, during my day I get this draining effect only when some negative-minded person passes by.
But you have to know that nothing can be put on you without your consent! Only when deep down you let it happen will the energy drain occur, but you can always stop this drain on your reserves. Sometimes the damage occurs deep within you and you may not be aware of it and therefore wonder on how it came to happen when you feel so tired for no reason at all.

The focal centres of energy situated in and around the body are termed as chakras. The presence of hooks and their purpose relies on the particular chakra it clasps on to. In general, hooks form a barrier against your energy reserves and should be cleansed out of your system frequently.

When a person is envious of you it reflects in the chakras of your feet which prevents you from moving forward.

Muladhara chakra, the first chakra is placed at the base of your spine that is the point where you are sitting on. The name infers to root and the power in this chakra radiates like a root through the legs and feet to come in contact finally with the earth below. A hook in this chakra shows that the person concerned depends on you for their continued existence.

In the event of the person concerned being a close relative or someone whose care you have been entrusted upon you can leave it undisturbed, but otherwise it is best to remove it.

Svadhhisthana chakra, the second chakra situated in the abdominal area below the navel is connected to inspiration and proliferation, and controls the sensitive and physical sides of our existence. A hook in this chakra denotes the person is interested or sexually drawn towards you. You can remove this hook if you are not interested in the person.

Manipura, the third chakra, means lustrous gem and is present in the solar plexus area and also includes the digestive system as well as the navel area. This chakra relates to strength, confidence and vivacity. It also houses the intellectual side of you and a hook infers that someone is eyeing your energy reserve and can drain you completely even to the extent of giving you an ache in the stomach.

Anahata meaning the heart centre is the fourth chakra present in the area between the shoulder blades at slightly higher level than the actual physical heart. Finer sensations like love, compassion and warmth are represented by this chakra and a hook implies someone cares deeply for you. Though the hooks found here do not empty your energy reserves, it is still safer to keep your chakras clear by removing them.

Vishuddha chakra the fifth one is located in the throat area and is the primary site of communication that aids in our better articulation. A hook here indicates someone is reaching out to us but it is safer to communicate directly than through the chakras as a sore throat may occur.

Ajna chakra, the sixth chakra is sited in the area between the eyebrows popularly known as the third eye area in the forehead region. A high level of perception is facilitated by this chakra and a hook here implies someone’s thoughts are focussed on you strongly, and this can cause sever headaches.

Sahasrara, the seventh chakra is situated at the top of one’s head in the area of softness one sees in a baby’s head. This chakra is referred to as thousand petals and concerns with the connection of our souls to all other souls by means of a rainbow bridge. A hook means someone is trying to get you under their control and you must clear this hook to get away from their influence.

If you want your energy to exert its full effect then you need to cleanse it by getting rid of the hooks. First loosen yourself into calm and relaxed state. Extend and shelter yourself. Now start looking at the chakras one by one and see if you can find any hooks.

When you identify and want to remove them, act gently. Your chakras should not be left empty after removing the hooks so fill them with light.

Never perform the act of cleansing all the chakras at the same time as it will drain you. Do half at a time and leave the rest for later on. You can keep the chakras in open, closed, or half open or closed state.

This is achieved by just picturing them to be in that posture. After completing all the chakras you can keep the upper chakras in an open state while the lower three chakras should be covered as this will stabilize you better. 

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