Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Monday, 24 December 2012

Cleanse, Charge, Activate And program Clear Quartz Crystal By Stephen Richards

Preparing quartz crystal for healing and manifesting purposes is quite easy. Although many may put this down to mumbo-jumbo, it is, in fact, no different than how quartz crystal is used in industry today. Probably your watch even has a quartz crystal within it!

Quartz is not known as the master healing crystal for no reason! It strengthens and stabilizes the body's energy fields and can stimulate positive action when it is needed. However, this article is not about that, so let's push on for the those who know of its powerful properties.

The beneficial qualities exhibited by a quartz crystal are numerous. If you want to enjoy these qualities totally you have to cleanse the quartz in water before using it generally as it is an ideal universal agent for this purpose.

Any type of pure water can be used; spring or lake water, or even filtered water would be ideal. Ocean water is the most appropriate medium but some people add salt to their fresh water to enhance the electrical nature.

The cleansing can be done by just washing the crystal in water or you can keep it submerged in a beaker of water and place it so that it gets brilliant sunlight over it. Usually a south facing window can be used to get the required amount of sunlight.

There are some more technical ways to cleanse a quartz crsytal, but these ways are for those using the crystals for a higher purpose, but for general use then the methods described herein are fine.

In some cases even moonlight can be used to cleanse and also charge the crystal. There are people who bury the crystal on a full moon day to get the maximum benefits of the magnetic forces of both the earth and the moon.

Here are the wide ranging benefits you get by using a quartz crystal:

•    Both mental as well as physical strength has been found to become markedly improved.

•    Disorders like bone diseases, gastrointestinal ailments, depression, arthritis and even cases of long standing fatigue have been reported to reduce considerably by using the crystal.

•    For enhancing the psychic vision, the quartz held on the third eye chakra will work wonders.

•    The thought process gets more focussed and enhanced along with the purpose of the conscious mind. This is due to the fact that thoughts are nothing but energy forms while the purposes give structure to the thoughts.

•     Processes like meditation, protection, healing, manifestation and channelling are done more effectively.

•    The vibrations from the crystal have profound effect on the person who wears them. Similar to acupuncture or therapeutic massage, the crystal acts on the specific energy points called "chakras".

Mental health: Soothes the mind considerably, increases tolerance levels and helps to fight off criticism in us. The sense of owning moral responsibility for our actions and a straight character which is dependable and powerful is made possible by the crystal. Abolishes self doubts altogether, gives a tranquil mind, helps take a proper perspective of things and enhances intelligence and wards off any feeling of  uncertainty.

Emotional Health: The quartz enables us to have a courageous attitude, reducing whatever pressures and strain we are under and increases a sense of peace for those who respond to it. Those reeling under pressure of too much liability get adequate help and any break in communication or problems faced with clarity is well taken care of. Helps you to know about your feelings and calms any irrational fears that may surface.

Physical health: Physical ailments like sore throat, auto immune diseases, short sightedness, long sightedness and swollen glands are treated effectively. All the hormonal glands including the pituitary and thyroid get benefit from this. The entire growth and hormone regulation is well controlled. The cleansing mechanism of the body is enhanced along with the organs like the jaw, eyes, stomach and teeth.

Spiritual health: The crystal aids in tying up all loose ends and completion of a process entirely. Helps to be more compassionate, instinctive and makes meditation more powerful. The conscious state of mind and spiritual presence is heightened aiding in making us more helpful towards society. All the chakras are kept in total alignment and the aura around us is kept well protected. There is better communication on a higher plane making the physical and the spiritual planes meet.

Environmental health: The surroundings are kept in perfect synchrony and free from any harmful contaminants. Being able to become one with the cosmic consciousness is the main purpose of our existence and this is aided by the increased vibratory signals we radiate on the physical plane.

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