Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Applying Meditation To The Law Of Attraction By Stephen Richards

There are interesting and effective ways to apply meditation to the law of attraction. Your internal connections and peaceful experiences result from effective mediation, which can bring you joyful new and ongoing life prospects. This can be done in comfort, without long and painful physical positions.

These recommendations or techniques are different than some of the more traditional ways used to bolster your own powers and relationships through meditation. This free lesson caters to people who are on-the-go and need the ability to meditate just about anywhere.

1/ First, choose whether to sit on a straight-backed chair (as on a plane, train, bus or car), or lay down in a flat position. When sitting, be sure that you are in a rigid position with your chin pulled back, aligning your neck and spine.

2/ Then choose a position for your hands (called mudras). For positioning in traditional Cosmic Ordering Meditation, place your right hand on your lap with the palm up, and place your left hand knuckles atop the right hand with your thumb slightly touching. In other words, your right hand forms a cup for your left.

3/ Now choose a breathing method. You may inhale and exhale both through your nose, or both through your mouth or inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Stick to one method throughout your session and be sure to breathe properly; your stomach is to move naturally outward during inhaling and inward during exhaling.

4/ Next, practice a few turns. For example, sit up straight, inhale through your mouth or nose and hold it, slowly counting to three letting the air “sink into” you. Now exhale through your mouth. Don’t think of the inhaled breath as a “forced” exercise, but as a relaxing, deep draw.

Thats it! Start meditating! Be aware of yourself and your ability to concentrate. Count each breath in and out so that you achieve 10 full exercises. Enjoy the peace and tranquility you get from meditation, and let it renew your energy for attracting many needs and desires, from personal relationships to business practices.

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