Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Your Big Fat Ego May Be Blocking Your Desires By Stephen Richards

Too much ego, and you become vain, arrogant, and selfish, sometimes even cruel.

You believe that you are the center of the universe, and when things don’t go your way, you take it personally. At best, you simply throw a temper tantrum. At worst, you take it out on others.

In an even worse case scenario, you give up, realizing with a traumatized shock that the entire world can actually function without you. Even better probably. Too little of it, and you make yourself a doormat for others to walk on.

You feel you deserve nothing, which is probably why you have so little.

You mistake criticism as a pronouncement, abuse as affection, and try to make yourself as invisible as is humanly possible.

You watch life go by you, somewhat embarrassed by the fact that you take up space and air, hoping that others are not too inconvenienced by your existence, and constantly apologizing for this sad state of affairs.   

Like everything else, balance is the key. You have a right to feel worthy of what is good and abundant, but not so worthy that you are entitled to become arrogant, selfish, and cruel.

Nothing whatsoever entitles you to such qualities, and nothing entitles another to their effects.

You have a right to feel the universe is willing to provide you with blessings, but not to the point that it cannot do without you.    

Consequently, it is proper that you understand that there are forces greater than yourself, but not to the point that you deserve abuse. And while it is appropriate to apologize for any inconvenience you may have caused others and to be embarrassed about it, you should never have to feel unworthy of your existence. Forces greater than yourself caused you to be here. To apologize for your life, therefore, is to feel you are unworthy of it.      

You have no right to denigrate such powers or to question their wisdom. This too is a form of arrogance, though it may not feel like it to those who subscribe to such erroneous thinking.    

Everyone and everything is sacred, and therefore worthy, but no more worthy than any other, save for what they achieve on their own merit and hard work. The ability to walk this fine balance, therefore, between a sense of worthiness and a sense of humility, is the key to true power.

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