Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Amazing Wealth Creation Secrets Of The Invisible World By Stephen Richards

The saints, sages and wise men of a time long ago discovered that certain Cabalistic Rites and Ceremonies created powerful mystic vibrations that sought similar vibrations within the depths of the Invisible World, to become one pulsating force of Mystic Power. The physical manifestation of this power was called magic.

You will soon be working real magic with the same power experienced by these wizards of the ages. The Power of the Spheres is waiting for you to put it into dynamic action to transform your life into whatever you want it to be. There should be no doubt in your mind that the amazing secrets revealed to you by me are going to work for you.

One very practical application of Cosmic Ordering/Mind Power (call it what you will) is in the area of increased prosperity. These amazing secrets of the invisible world can bring you good fortune beyond your wildest dreams.

Try this in your next Cosmic Ordering/|Mind Power session:

 1/ Imagine a golden square directly in front of you.

2/ Now enlarge the image until it is several feet high, and pulsating with mystic force. See it as clearly as you can.

3/ Imagine yourself bathed in its mystic light. Try and actually breathe in this light. Imagine it circulating within you.

4/ Now, in your mind, visualize yourself reaching into the golden square. Feel around inside until your hands touch two moneybags, bulging with gold coins.

5/ Pick the bags up and bring them out from within the golden square. Feel the coins with your mind, get involved with the coins, they’re real.

6/ End by thanking the Cosmos for the help.

Because this is an exercise in visualization and Cosmic Ordering, you can repeat this one until the money arrives, or until you are stopped from placing the Order, whichever happens first.

Copyright Stephen Richards

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