Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Stephen Richards takes a look at: What are the pros and cons of “what if”?

Let’s take a look at its usefulness. While many decry the words “what if,” claiming that such is inherently negative because it connotes a lack of something, they do so because they ignore its stunning and time honored power to inspire.

Someone once thought, “what if” we could fly? Another thought, “what if” we could talk to each other over vast distances? Yet still another thought, “what if” people could light a room without the need for candles?

Use your lack of to create success
While it is true that such things did not exist at the time these great inventors uttered such words, they used such deficiency as a point of divergence so that they could create what did not then exist into the world. In other words, they used deficiency as a tool, as an opportunity, not only to improve the lives of millions, but to enrich themselves, as well.

What if is how you make it …
To use these two words “what if”, imagine them in the following analogy as a burning fire that can warm our homes, cook our food, and light our way in the dark. Used incorrectly, however, fire can also burn us and destroy the things around us, ourselves included.

When you use the term “what if”, think of it as the fire in the above analogy. Be careful how you use it. Be sure to use it in a hopeful manner that works in a positive way, not in a hopeless, despondent, and regretful way.

Let us say you wish to be a singer. If that goal seems too far away from you, then do not give in to despair.

Three questions to ask yourself
There are three questions you should ask yourself if you find yourself going in that direction. They are: “How can I?” “Why should I?” and “What if I?”

Focus on the present
“How can I?” is not about the process of getting there, but should be about focusing on the present. Do not sweat the details of how you will accomplish your goals, but you should at least see to it that you have some qualifications to be a singer. You can do this by taking singing lessons, or by watching and listening to professionals sing to see what you can get from them.

This is action at work - taking steps, however small, that bring you closer to your goal.

Do you feel worthy of what you desire?
“Why should I?” looks into yourself, your worthiness, or your feelings of self-worth. If you truly believe you have it in you to be a great singer some day, then this question has already served its purpose.

Be prepared to take positive steps to reach your goal

“What if I?” is all about taking responsibility for your own actions, and assessing if you are willing to take those steps that are associated with your desire. Since the example given is about becoming a great singer, no doubt a popular one as well, then ask yourself if you can handle the paparazzi, the adoring fans and the constant scrutiny. If your answer is something along the lines of “any inconvenience is worth it,” then that question, too, has served its purpose.

The air of expectancy working for you
By at least entertaining the possibilities with an air of expectancy, you do not give way to despair, you do not yield to hopelessness and negativity, and you thus manage to take yet another step closer to your goals.

Turn the negative into a positive
In the video below you will find how the negativity of “what if” is turned around to the positivity of “what if”. The short video also includes details of how you can turn your life around for the better.
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  Watch the short video by clickng here

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