Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Power Of The Pineal Gland By Stephen Richards

The advances in technology like, for instance, mobile phones, microwaves, computers and others have the quality of producing electromagnetic fields. The waves that radiate from these appliances interfere with the functions of the pineal gland.
 In eastern literature, spirituality of a person is connected to his pineal gland or brow chakra. This is where there is transfer of information between one’s self and a higher plane of consciousness. Some of the rare exotic hormones originating from the pineal gland attest to this fact.

The hormones of the pineal gland aid in telepathy, clairvoyance, and visionary capacity and also a greater level of perceptiveness that goes beyond the normal three dimensional states we are used to.

The pineal gland, also named as ‘cosmic antennae’ of our body, is composed of three crystals that give the gland the power to receive as well as transmit data between two different levels of consciousness.

The three crystals are apatitie which aids in inspiration, spiritual oneness and psychic enhancement, Calcite which helps in expanding one’s powers and Magnatite which is used for meditation, visionary purpose and also aids in establishing our experiences in the real world.


• As far as possible try to be clear of electromagnetic fields and ensure you are not under geopathic pressures.

• You have to acknowledge the natural light and dark cycles that you need to be in.

Spiritually, there are many simple ways to initiate your pineal glands effectively:

• The two hemispheres of the brain need to be in complete harmony for the pineal to act. This can be accomplished by doing things like chanting, dancing, drum sounds, Tai Chi postures, Qigong positions and using stereo grams.

• The pineal gland responds positively to specific sounds like for instance the sound ‘nnnnnnnnnnn’ you make for a few minutes by covering your ears with your palm.

• After this make the sound ‘mmmmmmmm’ for some time.

• Now sound ‘ngngngngngng’ for the same period of time. These put a soft pressure on the pineal and stimulate it into an active state.

You can also perform meditation to initiate the pineal gland effectively:

1. With eyes in a closed state focus your awareness at the centre of the brain where the pineal gland is situated.

2. Radiate a light beam directly to your front.

3. Now do the same from the back.

4. Radiate a beam to the left of you.

5. Pass out a beam from right.

6. Finally radiate one upwards and one directly downwards.

7. Perform each step slowly.

8. Next start synchronizing the length and the intensity of the beams so that they are equal.

9. Breathe in slowly and deeply with your nose.

10. Breathe out through the mouth.

11. Repeat this process many times.

12. Calm down, ease yourself and then open your eyes.

By doing this technique you have ignited a link with your pineal gland and in the process purified it. There are innumerable advantages of utilizing the pineal gland for those who are spiritually inclined.

It is indeed exhilarating and liberating when one gets connected to the higher level of consciousness!

Copyright Stephen Richards

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