Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

An Accidental Achievement In Wealth Angel Stephen Richards Life

I played so many sports for my school and county that it would seem like I was just bragging, but overall I achieved a lot, and an accidental achievement which  taught me something about myself was when I was competing in the area schoolboys’ athletics.

This was like a mini Olympics for the area. I was entered for the shot put event, and while waiting to do this I was asked if I could fill in for someone absent in the javelin throwing event. I came nowhere in the shot put competition, and it was my turn to throw the javelin, which I never really excelled at.

Well, I came third! Nowhere in the shot put, but third in the javelin! That was an achievement that made me realize that it was always worth trying something new, and to not feel complacent about what you do now, as I was favorite to win the shot put competition. I had won various power lifting competitions as a youngster, but all what I learned from that was to advise anyone not to take up this sport, as so many of my joints are now creaking because of it, so I guess I can pass on my wisdom about this.


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