Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Friday, 16 July 2010

Transmute That Energy Into Making You A Success

 By Stephen Richards

Cosmic Ordering expert and self-help guru Stephen Richards says of Cosmic Ordering sex energy, “You can increase your success and power to manifest your desires through the transmutation of sexual energy. By improving the entire sexual system it helps increase the positive vibrations created through sexual energy. Harnessing the unique sex energy that can only arise through sexual expression can awaken multidimensional awareness and provide you with your desired goal.”

When going after our dreams and goals … and if we use the same gusto as the desire we have for sex to go after them … well, it’s got to happen! Just imagine if it was the amount of sex we actually had that equated to the success we have! A healthy sex life might just mean a healthy business.

Happy marriage includes a healthy and active sex life. Unless there is a disability for one or both partners, sex should not only be enjoyed as a means of reproduction, or an act of intimacy, but as a means to fantasize and be creative in manifesting one’s desires.

Entrepreneurs have to be more creative when it comes to finding time to have sex. They may have more sex or at least more interesting sex than non-entrepreneurs simply because they are more daring and adventurous than non-entrepreneurs. So when you want to connect with your inner-self then the best way to do this is through sex energy.

Certainly, sexual activity does equate to success. It is the strong sexual impulse that is the key to success. Isaac Newton and Immanuel Kant who were possibly two of the greatest thinkers of all time were both well known for being virgins. The idea is to apply that sexual impulse, or feeling of great desire, towards one’s goals and dreams. Thus the esteemed Isaac Newton had simply transferred the sexual libido to another realm, namely science ... regardless of being a virgin.

Queen bees have sex with an average of 7 to 20 male bees, which produces better worker bees and a greater supply of honey. Queen bees are successful multi-level entrepreneurs. More sex does indeed create more success. However, in the case of the human entrepreneur it is also the quality of sex that can lead to greater success.

Exploit sex energy by focusing on your desires during sexual activity. When the point of orgasm is reached then just let those thoughts go out to the universe. That is sex energy at work!

The opposite sex is more likely to be attracted to you because you have something called MPR (Money, Power, Respect). However, the gruelling path to success could lead to a dull sex life for any entrepreneur because growing a business takes time, energy, and sacrifice.

Do set some time aside for bump and grind activities to create sex energy, as all work and no play can lead to premature ill-health. In fact it is highly recommended to work at creating sex energy, if it’s good enough for the stars of the big screen to do then it’s good enough for you.

During sex see yourself being a success at whatever it is you desire, actually allow your mind to drift to what it would be like to be successful. Express yourself verbally and then hold back until you fully see that success has been gained, then that is the time you can reach orgasm and place your Cosmic Order.

Most of you, if not all, reading this has a desire to have sex. With there being ignorance around the fact that sex is only a physical act, there have been many biased opinions thrown upon us from prudes. When sex energy is harnessed and transmuted, this driving force is capable of lifting men and women into that higher sphere of thought.

Copyright Stephen Richards

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