Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Manifest Your Deepest Desires When You Become Confident With Cosmic Ordering

By Stephen Richards

Don't you just hate it when some smarmy, self-assured person crosses your life's path! Well, usually that would be the case, such is life. Often these self-assured people are given a name, a name they may never get to hear. Perhaps something like 'Clever Dick' or 'Clever Clogs', etc. Although in the Cosmic Ordering community we rather prefer to become such a person!

So what makes a few of us self-confident while the rest of us mortals are left with insecurities to deal with? These gifted people go about their work as if they have the world under their control, even if they literally do not have much to speak of. Using Cosmic Ordering when you have the "eye of the tiger" is the way forward to manifesting your desires.

In my growing up years I used to hear some talk about a new person who had come to live in our neighbourhood. All the folks used to call her "Lady Docker" after a famous Lady of fashion who lived in the 1950s. Known by the press as "naughty Norah"- Lady Docker was a sort of Fergie of the Fifties. Wow, I mean this Lady Docker must have been some role model, and did she use Cosmic Ordering to get where she did?

People were so taken up with this Lady Docker personality that she popped up in the conversation whenever the talk involved some overly confident person. There are the "haves" and the "have nots" in this world, the people who talk of those who succeed will never quite understand the principles of using Cosmic Ordering to make a go of their life.

Now those times have changed (haven't they?), but we can still use Lady Docker as an example of how we can bolster up our own self-esteem, even if you are a male. I don't mean swagger around as if though you were Lady Docker at Royal Ascot. What I mean is, walk about as if the world was yours for the taking. That's something you get used to with Cosmic Ordering.

Did you know the story of Norah Collins who was a dancer at the Caf de Paris? She rose to fame and became Lady Docker after her marriage with Sir Bernard, the then Chairman of the Daimler Company. When you dare to dream high like Lady Docker you are sure to realise your dreams to the ultimate level, especially if combined with Cosmic Ordering.

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