Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Monday, 11 February 2013

What Have A Radiographer And A Dog Sled Racer In Common? By Stephen Richards

When Scottish radiographer (and author) George Korankye was contacted by Edinburgh Evening News reporter Dawn Morrison about the benefits local libraries can bring to their communities, little did he know that he had just embarked on writing a novel that would link him to dog sled racer Julie Finlayson!

During the conversation with Dawn Morrison, George discovered how dog groomer Julie Finlayson had lost her grandmother to motor neuron disease (MND) and was planning to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease Charity (MND Scotland) by completing a dog sled run that would take her through the Arctic Circle on a 250- mile-long husky trail.

George heard how Julie’s grandmother had lost her fight for life to the stalking killer MND, and immediately became sympathetic to the pain Julie had experienced. Julie was planning to tackle a sled race in Norway in April 2013 to raise funds for MND Scotland, and she desperately needed monies to equip her dog team. 

A phased-out novel about a dog race that George had been working on sprang to mind, and soon he was in contact with Julie and their conversation was enlightening. To aid Julie’s enterprise, George would rework the novel to include a character that has MND. This would fit in nicely with her fundraising venture.
However, the book was in need of a publisher! George used his old contact Stephen Richards at Mirage Publishing to see if the project could be facilitated by them. Long story short, and some time later, a script was presented to Mirage Publishing and George had a contract to supply the script for publication by them. The book was to be entitled Away the Lassie.

However, things started to snowball and before long, Julie’s SOS for help had been picked up on by various others who then decided to help in their chosen fields of profession.
Scottish author and radiographer George Korankye
Oh, and the novel Away the Lassie? Well that’s about the Bedinfield family, and it alludes to the injustices, prejudices and prevailing attitudes of some in the Victorian period towards the weaker sex when Lucy Bedinfield plans to be the first woman to tackle the Zasuma Quest, a taxing 1,000-mile sled hike into the Canadian tundra. That may seem like a simple story, but there are so many twists and turns that involve love and so many other raw emotions. 

A substantial portion of any royalties from the novel Away the Lassie will be donated by the author George Korankye to Julie Finlayson and MND Scotland. The ebook is now available from February 2013.

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