Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Monday, 12 May 2014

Lucky Break - The Film That "Killed" One Actor Off Made A Star Out A Replacement

Riding The Tiger Film

This scene in the Riding the Tiger film (directed by Stephen Richards) shows how when one actor couldn't take the pace that he had to be "killed" off and replaced by a different actor.

Gone is the woo-woo, rainbows and lollipops many law of attraction gurus spoon feed to the masses. In is the real life drama we face every day! Overcoming life's barriers is not as insurmountable to overcome as you would believe.

Actor Tijan Kah (also known as TJ) was the replacement, making his film debut. He was voted UK's model of the year 2014 and Beach Model of the year 2014! An awesome discovery in tha he can also act as well as model, and did many of his own stunts in the movie!

The sudden replacement of one actor who dies in the film came about due to the first one not being able to take the cold of the North Sea ... claiming the Thames was far warmer! This meant TJ was brought in as a last minute replacement, signed up at 11.35pm of the day before filming was scheduled to continue!

In fact the tattoo on TJ's arm says it all really! How one unlucky break or one actor meant a lucky break for another.

See the film website here

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