Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Living Sage Channels Life Insights After Suffering Strokes


Alfred Nestor proves there is life after strokes!

After suffering a series of strokes and being debilitated for some time Alfred Nestor discovered he had a talent he never expected, it was for wring books! Yet prior to these strokes he never had such a skill.

Some years after these strokes and becoming a published author, Alfred discovered he had an even more profound gift than just writing! Alfred doscovered hehad a gift in the form of channeling some very in-depth, profound and meaningful insights about life from a higher source. Where these come from exactly is not yet known to Alfred.

However, so deep are these insights that Alfred has been given the name of the Living Sage by those astounded at his newfound gift of giving us his inspirational and motivational quotes.

Full permission to reproduce the quotes within as they are written is hereby given so long as there is no commercial gain from them.

Some of the quotes within the book:

“Our dreams are only the building blocks of our lives, if we dream small our life will follow that pattern, but dream big and our oyster will need its own oyster to hold our greatness!” - Alfred Nestor (The Living Sage)

“When we look inside our inner souls, we find many imperfections that we did not know we had, but the beauty is that despite the imperfections we are what our own destiny has ordained based on the lessons our soul has learned in the past.” - Alfred Nestor (The Living Sage)

“There are many empty souls around us; the miracle is that it takes only a little smile to fill them!” - Alfred Nestor (The Living Sage) 

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