Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Cosmic Ordering Is Easy As Pie

Copyright Stephen Richards

We harbour wishes and dreams in the hope of them becoming a reality one day. If by some misfortune we are faced with nothing but obstacles and disaster and no hope of our dreams getting realised what would we do? Using cosmic ordering overcomes obstacles.

Hopes and wishes are often parked up for the day you win the lottery, but what if you don't win? What of the person chasing their dream, only to be hit with a concrete wall of failure? Do you think cosmic ordering goes that way ... certainly not!

Don't fall into that trap; make your dreams become reality NOW when you use cosmic ordering. Be precise about what it is you want, don't allow others to influence you to do what they want. By allowing others to impose their ideas and thoughts on to you can seriously jeopardise your chances of success in manifesting what you really want.

When you have made up your mind on what you desire, you should adhere to it no matter what obstacles you may face in reaching it. Make sure others do not sway you into moving away from your destined path. Pursue relentlessly what your heart desires.

Cosmic Ordering Only Knows Abundance

Though it is possible that you may fail more than once in your endeavours, never lose heart. People around you may tend to discourage you to pursue you dreams when you fail, but once you are sure of what you want then do not pay heed to what people say. Keep trying.

Find out more about Cosmic Ordering here, see the video.

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