Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Monday, 30 August 2010

Get Ahead In Life ... Ditch Negative-minded Friends

They say that you can select your friends, but that you cannot do that of your family. What, though, do you do if you know someone within your family will be very unhelpful and unsupportive of your Cosmic Ordering dreams ... simple, don't tell them. Keep your dreams alive by keeping them to yourself and not disclosing them to those who would set out to break them or even cause them to fail

This does not imply that you withhold all your Cosmic Ordering desires and goals from your dear ones, as it is they who come to your rescue at times of distress.

Let me explain. For instance you dream of making it big in Hollywood when in your heart you know that it will not happen. Even your dearest friend may make fun of you! This Cosmic Ordering is the sort of thing that you should keep secret from your friends who may, otherwise, be loyal and caring towards you.

It is wise to always think twice before you disclose your hearts wishes to your family or friends.

This is because in case your Cosmic Ordering dreams are not acceptable to your family, they may oppose it and this creates negativity which you can do without. To prevent such a thing from happening it is better to conceal your dreams from them lest it gets impeded.

You can always achieve what you are after and then tell your family of it. This way they will not cause any obstacles to your Cosmic Orders and will truly be happy about your achievement.

Whatever it is you know to be within the bounds of your capabilities is what you should go for when Cosmic Ordering.

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