Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cosmic Ordering Is The Real Deal

The role of spirituality in Cosmic Ordering has been much hyped about. But in reality, you cannot accept this. Can you justify this to a person who has lost a dear one or the parents of an ill child?

The ways of nature are always puzzling! When we encounter grief and pain we wonder how nature can treat us so callously and without pity! How can you console a grieving person that this is the way it is meant to be?

During desperate situations there is nothing more to do than linger on in the disastrous moment and I think that some supreme power controls us. This can be felt in our failure to extricate ourselves from the situation however hard we try to get out of it. This is exactly why you should practice Cosmic Ordering techniques when you are feeling on top of the world, as what is the use of panicking when your life hits a brick wall and then hurriedly attempting to make the law of attraction's top rated module of Cosmic Ordering manifest your desires ... it's too late by then!

When the person closest to us suffers and is in great pain, this is the only thing that gains our attention and in such moments we would readily swap the pain or go to any lengths to have a few seconds of respite with our beloved in their final moments. But why wait for that to happen, right now is the time to put Cosmic Ordering into use ... not when it's too late!

To avoid being in negative predicaments we should, in moments of health, search for a way to prolong the healthy state and also never wait till a person's farewell to show we love them dearly. Love increases in magnitude when you allow it to radiate from you. By using the law of attraction we attract like things. When we show our love we attract the same to us.

Harbouring hatred and resentment will come back and bite you on your rear, so rather than hold the notion that something bad is bound to happen, always hold on to the thought that something good will always come along in abundance. Set out to manifest your desires when you are feeling good, not when you are desperate and clawing at the door of hope.

In times of trials and tribulations, we should not lose faith on overcoming problems. The hope of something better turning up will keep us buoyant and help us tide over the period of despair. The optimism we feel will catch on to those around us, brightening their day too.

Even when you are cornered on all sides by calamity, never give up. The possibility of everything changing for the better will keep us alive and moving ahead. When you put manifesting power into action though Cosmic ordering then you will see how much better your life can be.

Instead of concentrating on the disastrous happenings in life, if we focus on the goodness of life we will surely find a way to come out of the situation we are in. Hope and optimism does wonders to our confidence making us looking forward to a life filled with happiness and joy. Cosmic Ordering is one way of making things happen for the better, give it a try before it's too late.

Copyright Stephen Richards

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