Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Think Positive And Change Your World Today - See How

 Wealth Angels Think Positive Course - Change Your World Today

No matter what is going on with anything, your attitude will prevail.

Don’t you dream of days when you will never have to worry about anything!
BELIEVE that your dreams are real.
TRUST that anything is possible.
Dream of days when you will never have to worry about anything!

All you have to do is believe in yourself.
Positive thinking to guide your life is very powerful. 
YOU have something special to offer the world that nobody else has.
Everything you want is positively yours.
Now you have a positive chance to make what you want happen.
Every day is a positive way to draw your goals to you.
You are destined to make positive things happen.
Your positive outlook is a choice.

You choose the thoughts that change your mood.
Take a positive outlook on life and see your dreams become a reality.
When you choose to become positive in your mind your life is life as filled with possibilities and solutions.
Think positive and make your life and everyday experiences more pleasant.
Remember, nobody controls how you feel and think unless you let them.
Being more positive will move you in the right direction.
Your future isn’t dictated by your past, think positive.

Be positive … find at least one thing you like about every person you meet and every place you go.
Your future is filled with possibilities.
You are not born thinking negatively.
Say positive things about yourself regularly and you will become those things.
Stay positive because optimism is infectious.
Look for the positives in other people too.

You are in control of your destiny … not fate.
Always remember to have fun and always make time for laughter.... it’s a positive action.
Stay positive, as positivity attracts positivity.
Seeing yourself and your surroundings positively makes a difference to your thinking.
When you think positive, positive things happen.

Think positive and you will talk and feel positive.
Think it then live it.
Think of all the reason to be positive…
Be positive and think of how you can achieve what you desire.
Give yourself reasons why you can!
When you are positive, anything is possible.
Positive thoughts create a positive future.

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