Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The True Law Of Attraction - Now You Can Throw Away Those Books

Mind Power Pro and NAPS designer Stephen Richards
I have been using the Law of Attraction for over two decades now! However, I must admit to be being caught up in the rehashed woo-woo being sold to so many now. With all the half promises of success being pushed by the same old line up and with the same old story of how they overcame agony to reach ecstacy when they discovered the way forward, but they never quite get to tell you how!!!

I recall my first book on the subject, the first thing I thought of was including the proof of how I made it happpen! And I did!

Long story short! You have been sold short! There is a smarter way to get what you want, instead of reading all of those books you promised yourself you would read you can do this in your sleep!

The real Law of Attraction works through the subconscious mind! Not by saying endless affirmations or writing endless wishe lists! Night Audio Programs makes the way the Law of Attraction is being pushed to you obsolete! There is no need to read books about this anymore!

NAPS (Night Audio Programs)
In the full waking state we are in what is called the “beta” state of mind. Our relaxed state is the “alpha” state. The state of mind we are interested in is the “theta” state, as that is when we can get into the subconscious mind to make changess. When you listen to a NAPS in audio format (mp3) and play it on loop all night long, then when your brain reaches the theta state is when the NAPS does its work. That is how simple it is! 

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