Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Mind Power Expert Turns Law Of Attraction On Its Head

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What has happened to the Law of Attraction? So many are selling the same old rehashed story over and over again, and so many are still buying it! How can you really manifest your dreams and make them a reality without clear and precise instruction. These books just peddle hope, but without any clear and concise detail on how to do it.

Be honest, after watching The Secret did you really have a clue as to how to make your dreams come true? No, thought not! I must admit, I have never watched it, never read any Law of Attraction books by others. I see no point, as so many have told me of their disapointments after I have read their messages to me.

This led me to fully and comprehensively turn the way the Law of Attraction works on its head! Gone is the rehashed woo-woo and in comes the real Law of Attraction the way it is meant to be used and with positive results for the user.

What am I selling you? Nothing! I simply want to put things right, to give something back for what I have had out of it.

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