Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Would You Forgive Or Kill?

Forgive or Kill? by Stephen Richards
Author and mind power expert Stephen Richards takes a look at the question, Would You Forgive Or Kill? This was brought about by the subject being broached on a number of popular internet blogs. How easy would it be to forgive someone who had, say, carried out a vile act against you? Let's find out more.

One of the questins on a popular search engine was:  

You and your worst enemy are in the middle of a desert, nobody's there except the two of you ... you have a gun; he/she is at your mercy. Do you kill or forgive?

Some of the answers were quite mind-numbing and made for harrrowing reading. In essence it would seem that the mere thought of being alone in a barren location with only yourr enemy and a gun to hand gave rise to instant reactions of being merciless!

Here is one of the responses:

Shoot them in the *** but first I’d spit him in the face and say you are nothing compared to me my dog and hamster. die u mfxxxxx yeah dats wat I’d do if I was on drugs normally id just break arms legs fingers blow out some very personal body part of my foe say I had xxx with his mama and sister and his dog is screwing my hamster. Then I’d spit in his face a couple of times and tell him to drink my pee when I’d finally tell him his fake teletubie god thingy doesn't exist and tell him if he doesn't suck a camel’s balls I’ll kill everyone close to him afterwards shoot him in the bed and then kill him by drowning him in his own screams. 

Here is another question posed: 

What would you do to that person who has shot and killed you mother and father, your baby brother or sister in front of your eyes and you are the only one who has survived.

Will you say: I forgive him/her, if so then you’re not a human or don’t love your family?

It is obvious that no one will stand and breathe properly until they get revenge for what somebody has done to their life.

What do you say you would do? 

Here is one of the responses:

YOU NEVER FORGIVE. When someone has ventured out to hurt you, deliberately and intentionally, you don't forgive, never forgive, never.

F*** 'em - Kill. YOU CAN NOT FORGET
which is why WARS WILL NEVER END

Kill torture, kill over as long a period as possible like you said I don’t know but in my heart now I would hurt them so much it would be unreal and then kill them and their mum and dad and brother and sister.
Essentially it would seem that the immediate response to such emotive questions gives rise to evoking the very worst from those thinking abut such questions. 

In greater detail I then go on to examine in my book "Forgive or Kill?" how forgiveness is a rather difficult concept to grasp. It is often imagined that when you forgive, you have to reconcile with someone and yet this is a larger team in which forgiveness is just a player. 

Forgiveness does carry with it numerous obstacles and one may well be surprised why many people find it a very difficult hurdle to jump over. Every human being will find it difficult to deal with. The trouble is that we are often so convinced that we are so hurt and in pain, so much so, that we opt not to forgive. 

 The risky thing with always blaming the other person is that we will never acknowledge that the same things keep happening over and over again; therefore we will not know how to rise up and put an end to the bad trend.    

The moment we see beyond our personal desires to be felt sympathy for, we can actually start the journey to that final destination of true forgiveness.   


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