Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Saturday, 28 February 2015

When Good Angels Go Bad

Aftermath of Positivity Book Turns Angels Into Devils
Once in a blue moon along comes a book that has the ability to show you how to open up your soul and becoming the person you never thought you could, this book, Diamonds in the Rough, was to have been such a book. Sadly it is a case of "good angels gone bad", which would have been a  more apt title for it.

The very Facebook group (Wealth Angels) that helped turn the lives of so many lost souls around became a battleground of negativity. The negative-minded members who had changed into positive-minded souls were all back to their full blown negativity and squabblingover a book that lay dormant for 20 months because no one but Stephen Richards cared about how sacred it was going to be! 

All had agreed to give their stories for free, and then many come out of the woodwork demanding payment for what is carved in cast-iron agreements was to have beneffitted the Wealth Angels group directly from sales revenue, not any contributors.

The very souls that had been directly helped by the then self-help Guru of Stephen Richards turned on him like a pack of rabid devils! A handful remained loyal and have stood by the now former self-help guru, who had already stood down as a self-help guru many months prior to the troubled group seeing all but one of its members being deleted. What was to have been a celebration of hope  became a wake of negativity.

All monies from sales revenue are still being held for use in the Wealth Angels facebook Group, of which the membership steadily grows once more, but all but a handful of those former members are now negative souls and have been deleted from what was once the premier Mind Power group on Earth ...

The Wealth Angels group is still functioning and looking for far more advanced Mind Power activists to join, putting an end to the negativity that so many left behind.

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