Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

HOW YOU Attract Thousands Of Dollars

Brought to you by Mind Power expert Stephen Richards
What do you do every night before you go to bed? Before you go to sleep? Do you visualize what you desire or do you just pass it off as la la?

Well let me tell you a true story about how Genevieve Behrend attracted $20,000, and all because she wanted to work as sole student under what she considered the greatest mind alive! As well as that she also persuaded Thomas Troward to take her on - using solely the power of the Law of Attraction!

Genevieve used that power to work for her to change help change her life (attracting $20,000 so she could travel to Troward and support herself while a student).

This is the method used by Genevieve, and actually continues to work for you to get you whatever you want in life...

Every night, before going to sleep, Genevieve made a mental picture of the desired $20,000. Twenty $1,000 bills were counted over each night in her bedroom, and then, with the idea of more emphatically impressing her mind with the fact that this twenty thousand dollars was for the purpose of going to England and studying with Troward, she wrote out her picture, saw herself buying a steamer ticket, walking up and down the ship's deck from New York to London, and, finally, saw herself accepted as Troward's pupil!

This process was repeated every morning and every evening, always impressing more and more fully upon my mind Troward's memorized statement: "My mind is a center of Divine operations."

Genevieve endeavored to keep this statement in the back part of her consciousness all the time with no thought in mind as how the money might be obtained.

Probably the reason why there was no thought of the avenues through which the money might reach her was because she could not possibly imagine where the $20,000 would come from. So she simply held her thought steady and let the power of attraction find its own ways and means.

One day while walking on the street, taking deep breathing exercises, the thought came to her: "My mind is surely a center of Divine operation. If I want this money to study with Troward that I may know the truth of Life, then both the money and the truth must be mine, though I am unable to feel or see the physical manifestations of either; still," she declared, "it must be mine."

While these reflections were going on in her mind, there seemed to come up from within her the thought: "I am all the substance there is." Then, from another channel in her brain the answer seemed to come, "Of course, that's it; everything must have its beginning in mind.”

“The "I" of the Idea, must be the only one and primary substance there is, and this means money as well as everything else." Genevieve’s mind accepted this idea, and immediately all the tension of mind and body was relaxed.

There was a feeling of absolute certainty of being in touch with all the power Life has to give. All thought of money, teacher, or even her own personality, vanished in the great wave of joy which swept over her entire being.

Genevieve walked on and on with this feeling of joy steadily increasing and expanding until everything about her seemed aglow with resplendent light. Every person she passed was illuminated as she was. All consciousness of personality had disappeared, and in its place there came that great and almost overwhelming sense of joy and contentment.

That night when she made her picture of the twenty thousand dollars it was with an entirely changed aspect. On previous occasions, when making my mental picture, she had felt that she was waking up something within herself. This time there was no sensation of effort. Genevieve simply counted over the twenty thousand dollars.

Then, in a most unexpected manner, from a source of which she had no consciousness at the time, there seemed to open a possible avenue through which the money might reach her.

At first it took great effort not to be excited. It all seemed so wonderful, so glorious to be in touch with supply. But had not Troward cautioned his readers to keep all excitement out of their minds in the first flush of realization of union with Infinite supply, and to treat this fact as a perfectly natural result that had been reached through our demand?

This was even more difficult for Genevieve than it was to hold the thought that "all the substance there is, I am; I (idea) am the beginning of all form, visible or invisible."

Just as soon as there appeared a circumstance which indicated the direction through which the twenty thousand dollars might come, Genevieve not only made a supreme effort to regard the indicated direction calmly as the first sprout of the seed she had sown in the absolute, but left no stone unturned to follow up that direction by fulfilling her part. By so doing one circumstance seemed naturally to lead to another, until, step-by-step, her desired twenty thousand dollars was secured. To keep her mind poised and free from excitement was her greatest effort.

Thank you for the source of this from: Your Invisible Power - How I Attracted Twenty Thousand Dollars - Genevieve Behrend

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