Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Proof Cosmic Savvy Made Big Bucks On The World Money Market For Mind Power Pro Stephen Richards

In 2007 Cosmic Savvy Made Author Stephen Richards Big Bucks!
Many have tried without success to influence the world money market, yet in 2007 mind power author and wealth creation expert Stephen Richards successfully influenced the world money market and came away with BIG bucks!

Some years later it would be easy to make such a claim due to the passage of time blurring the memory of people. It would be easy to make such claims and hope to get away with it, but here is is all documented and the author states that if what he claims is untrue then he holds himself open to further public scrutiny. Now that's a big claim when he is staking his professional reputation on the line.

By use of mind power alone Stephen was able to make the US dollar exchange rate go through the roof! Not content with that, he was to send it spiralling downwards soon after so he could take advantage of it. 

If anyone came out of the blue make such a claim then perhaps it could be looked upon with disdain or simple good fortune, but when you consider how long Stephen has been using mind power then it is clearly from the merits of his professional status that he made this happen.

Here in an original newsletter from all those years ago is the documentary proof of how Stephen Richards capialized on the US dollar reaching a record high in March 2007 and buying a whole load of them and then he sent the dollar crashing in order to cash them in for UK pounds sterling!

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