Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Don’t dream BIG! Dream BIGGER!!!! By Stephen Richards

When it comes to creating million dollar inventive ideas, most people stop short of reaching the mother stratum while mining their own seam of gold! Genius takes effort and passion. Above all, it takes determination.

It's easy to be average. It takes no endeavor at all to be like everybody else. There is doggedness to genius. It's the ability to dig deep and hold on to the dream. When you have an idea, you develop it and build it up to become untouchable in your mind. You set to work to manifest your idea. In truth the process of invention and creation should come with a surefire self-belief.

When you have a dream then you have to have that self-belief that it will work. I mean, imagine coming up with an idea to build a theme park in a swamp??? Well people thought Walt Disney was mad when he proposed exactly that, to build a fantasy theme park in the middle of the Florida swamps!!! Even worse!!! He wanted to base the whole thing around the idea of a talking mouse!

You have to hold onto the vision and overcome all objections! Ideas are a good thing and yet sometimes they can be seen as a curse!

However, it is a blessing to those with the idea and a curse to those who do not accept it will become a reality!

Don’t dream BIG! Dream BIGGER!!!! 

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