Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Mind Puzzle To Success Solved By Stephen Richards


Over the years I have created a great many audio programs to help people overcome many different hang-ups, phobias, fears and much more. I originally used subliminals and then move on to paraliminals with binaural beats and a cross section of other backing media to enhance or accelerate the healing.

Many of these audios worked quite successfully and none more so than my Cosmic Ordering Connection, which did away with the listener having to do all of the hard work of getting the Law of Attraction to work for them.

All of my audios necessitated the listener to be awake, and in this fast-living age it was somewhat too long-winded for some to spend an hour listening to such an audio. Now all of that has changed with NAPS! Now you can go to bed and just play your own recording and not waste any time having to consciously listen to it.
This is how simply NAPS works, you just create your own positive affirmations and then record them on a device whereby you can play it back in a loop. It is so very easy. You just needed a microphone and your computer.

At first it might seem strange to hear your own voice recorded, but think of your own voice being more powerful for you than anyone else's voice.

To start, you can record two similar affirmations - oriented to the same goal - repeated three times each with a two seconds space between them, in each track. You can play with it and add soft music in the background if you want. If you want you can save the track in your iPod and listen to it at night while you are sleeping. Make it so it lasts about two hours.

If you find a way to play it without disturbing yourself, you may want to play it all night long. I've heard that some people feel tired, anxious or have headaches after they start to practice this method.

Some people recommend that you need to listen to the same affirmations for at least 10 consecutive days (30 days is best) to make them work. This is one of the methods where you can reach your theta state easily, the state where you can access the subconscious mind.

You can also listen to your NAPS affirmations during the day when you are working, too. It can help you to meditate about them.  

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