Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Magick It Into Your Life Right Now By Stephen Richards

What if you started to live the life of your dreams right now?  Think how happy your life would be now that you and your family have everything that you want and desire! Try it!! Visualize your perfect life. Imagine that it’s already happened and be grateful for it. Your visualization is good, you feel happy and excited!  Everything you have ever desired manifests right before your very eyes!!

What I am about to offer you is a Cosmic Power so great that you can Manifest anything. You see when a person feels lucky they are resonating similarly to that state of joy, hope and excitement.  All those feelings are high vibration.

I am going to give you a key word that will IGNITE your passion within to secure your desires! One word that when you say it out aloud or even in your head will bring you what you desire even faster … the Power Word is ACTION!

Associate all these words and more with that one word:

  • I am always winning.
  • I am a winner.
  • I win at everything.
  • I dream BIG, etc, etc.
Add your own power thoughts to power of that one word and embed it into your Subconscious Mind and then your key word of ACTION will encompass all winning thoughts.

Now you will find that when you say that one word “ACTION” it will bring all of the power thoughts you embedded into your subconscious into your conscious mind! Of course you need to train your mind to do it every day.

Hear yourself say, “I just felt so lucky today.”  (This is an affirmation.) When you say this in your head be sure to have the feeling of being LUCKY.

Embrace the affirmation with feelings.  Feelings add power to your desires.  Feelings generate an internal energy that allows your whole being to absorb your statement.

Every time you repeat your affirmation be sure to think of the power word ACTION, you will find your belief grows stronger and more powerful.  This is an incredible tool to manifest what you truly desire. This is the power of visualization! You know you are worthy of it so just magick it into your life right now!

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