Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Mind Power Author Stephen Richards

Friday, 24 June 2016

Overcoming The Fear Of Change By Stephen Richards

Wow, so many are feared of change, and yet change can be a positive challenge. What some see as a nightmare scenario in their life, others can see as a dream change. Some see change as if waking up in a badly written dystopian novel
The one ingredient needed to overcome the fear of change is the confidence to go forward in life. Embracing change as something good can become seond nature, and then in doing so you can also embrace success in your life.
When it comes to this there is no real here theory, but neither is it about guesswork! Too many have shrouded these simple thinkings in woo-woo, but there is nothing secret about them! In fact they are so plain that everyone can understand them if they are just explained for what they are ... manifesting routines. Manifest your new life, manifest the confidence within and by doing so you have a secondary gain of manifesting success.
Clear out the clutter and start manifesting. However, there is one caveat I do give and that is before you commence manifesting the millions, first you have to do a little bit of in-house cleaning. What I mean is to have a mental house-cleaning! Once that is in order then you can go onto manifesting in an unhindered way without the fear of change hang-ups holding you back.

That step of overcoming fear is the only thing you need do before moving on to the BIG manifesting stage, because if your head is not right then forget the next step! Once you have done the main house cleaning then all you need do is maintain it on a daily basis with a light clean.

This practical method will come to be an everyday habit. The reward of this is a far stronger conscious realization of your ability to adjust your thought faculties. If you think you cannot do it then think again! I did if, and I do it daily. I had a rather harrowing dip whereby I was zapped of nearly just about every morsel of energy within me, physically, mentally and spiritually! When I say spiritually I do not mean as in THE spiritual sense, but rather in the psyche sense ... as I am not a spiritual person.

I had to do the mental clearing and reframing to get back to where I am now, and in fact I have transcended where I left off. So you see, at times these low points can be quite a good thing. They get you digging down right into the very core of you. Phew, and isn’t it just gory when you get into it all! But … it’s worth it, as the new you will thank you for it.

So get clearing out that mind clutter and get manifesting …
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